Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Full Proselyting Week

But yeah, things are good. It was a good work. I felt the Spirit work through us and that's all that really matters. No one's getting baptized any time soon, and the pastor of the Evangelical church is kinda rubbing it in our faces that he's stealing our investigators, but I'll probably never get over it.......

So, at this moment not many people are progressing. But we're optimistic and faithful, so this week will be good.


So I'll be in Kingston on Monday next week. Not sure if I"ll get to email. I probably will. I'll head to Kingston Monday for an "adjusting to returned missionary life" thingy. Then Tuesday I'll probably proselyte in my old area with Elders Anderson and Squire. Visit some friends and teach some people. Then Wednesday I'll probably hang out at the office all day and have my exit interview and eat food. Then Thursday I'll probably just cry all day and then get on a plane and fly out to the home land. Then on Friday I'm probably going to sleep for a few hours, eat some food, chill with the fam, and maybe try to go on a date and find some music students.

When I looked at my flight plans I literally blew chunks on the church computer. Whoops.
I'll figure it out. I hate airports.

But yeah, week's good, kinda rushed today, I'm blowing most my money at a fancy restaurant in MoBay because I'm finished up almost. This week's gonna be great, but it's incredibly hot. I haven't been dry in a long time... I'm sweating right now. Yup, we're working hard, trying to help people. We aren't really any one's priority, so we set up like, 10 lessons every single day, and most days all 10 forget or stand us up, so we end up scrambling to find and teach people. That was probably the hardest thing to adjust to for me, just having this incredible message, and no one likes us haha. Ah well.

Elder Zeck

Elder Zeck and Johansen - James says his companion is a Canadian now!!

Reuniting with a family from a previous area.

His new shirt. Not sure he can pull this look off.