Monday, June 13, 2016

Working Despite .......

Sounds like things are crazy busy!

Sounds like an exciting week though. I feel the same when it comes to music. I've really started to pray and fast and ponder what my life should look like when I get home, and something that has really impressed me is music. Just a problem I have is it seems so unoriginal. Being a musician has been done before and it's hard for me to feel like I'm doing anything special when all I'm doing is what someone else has done and will do later. Although I know that's not what it's about, it's about blessing people who need it. So I've seriously debated running a music studio, kinda like Auntie Carla? Is she the one?

But yeah the work is going great. I've never had an area where I've felt so spiritually lead to so many people. I've never had a time on my mission where so many people have had powerful witnesses that this message is true as we've testified, but the opposition is horrible. It's like climbing a mountain face. Everyone keeps dropping off. I pray more, and I work harder. The other day I swear my legs were on fire, and I couldn't believe I made it through the day. Just always thinking one more contact, one more lesson. And I just collapsed at the end. I had the nicest cold shower in history after though. But for some reason we can't get people to progress. They just love the message, and the Holy Ghost is palpably present at times. But no movement. Some disconnect. It's not frustrating, it's just sad. Not depressing. I've gotten good at channeling it into motivation. Preach My Gospel says that success is measured by how often you feel the Holy Ghost testify through you that the message is true. I'm at a point where I feel that almost every lesson with Elder Johansen, and it's great. But it's just upsetting that it isn't a perfect world. anyway...

Yeah I'll put that into my five year plan. The Diane trip sounds good. Any other dates I should know about to incorporate into my plan. I need to balance everything. I'm going to talk to Sam about what it takes to get set at BYU as a piano tuner. So we'll see how it all goes out.

I was going to send a picture but I can't find my camera cord. I'm taking pics though don't worry.

I spoke in church on Sunday, I've been trying really hard to get this teaching by the Spirit thing down. So I took my topic, I studied it, came up with some good ideas. Prepared like 3 hours worth of material. Got up to the podium with just my quad, and started to speak, and I went way over my time on accident and made the concluding speaker shorten her talk... Whoops. But it was really cool, I'd never spoken like that before. That's basically how the scriptures tell us to teach, and I was surprised at how it went. I could really feel my words and thoughts being directed. I was upset when it was over so soon... But that was neat.

Other wise, some crazy guy told us he wanted to kill us the other day, and now we see him everywhere.

Elder Zeck

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