Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunglasses, Fedoras, Pepsi, and Chocolate

Today Jordan and I were on the road. We drove 5 hours north to a Visa Application Centre for a 10 minute appointment and then drove 5 hours home.
That sounds way fun, driving a lot. I learned to love driving here, because of our 4 hour cross island drives when I was in MoBay. Or transfer days when we'd be on the road from 3AM to 10PM. Good times. I'm excited to drive without kilometer limitations, but I'm not excited to have to pay for gas...

Our week was okay. We taught a lot and found a lot, but no one came to church. I used to get all worked up about how many lessons I taught and people I found and things I did, but honestly, if no one is at church it all just feels frustrating. Not a single person we invested in is going to get any blessings of this gospel because they aren't acting on it, and it makes me a little depressed. But we'll just have to work harder then.

It's rained a little. Most the damage to my shoes is on the inside, when I polish my shoes they look totally fine. But the insides are giving me blisters and such, so... I might buy insoles today or something. Not sure yet.

The mission just approved sunglasses and fedoras haha, that's exciting news too!
President kinda toured last week in zone conferences. He's doing good. He isn't trunky or anything. My last interview with him is the 21st.

But yeah, good week. Just way busy, we're always in the area, preparing souls and drinking Pepsi. We bought some Pepsi from a shop the other day while out with a member and he turned to us and said, "Oh, are we allowed to drink those now?" And I laughed and drank it all.  I also learned, fun fact, that a chocolate bar can contain more caffeine than a Coke. I imagined what would happen to church attendance and worthy temple goers if the prophet said no more chocolate.

Elder Zeck

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