Monday, May 2, 2016

Working Hard in Sav

Sav is great! Wonderful place. We're definitely seeing miracles every single day. Elder White has a really natural desire to be exactly obedient and hard working, and he really wants to just do the work, which I'm very very grateful for. He isn't going to let me die hard (not that I ever would). I'm working harder now than I ever have, because I know how to work more now than I did before. 

Yeah I took out some cash, I was going to buy a bike, but we have decided to probably just stick with walking for the last 12 weeks. Help me spend more time in the sun so I don't come home as white as I was when I came out. So if I don't buy the bike.... I might get a watch made out of wood...the walking is great though. We still teach almost 20 lessons a week, which was what I taught in Kingston with a truck, so I think we're doing some things right. 

Elder White is great though. He's a convert and the only member of the church in his family. He's got a great story, and I've already learned a lot from him.

I don't really know about my 5 year plan. He told me that I could start it after my last interview with him, which will be end of May early June... So I'll have like 3 weeks to do it... So we'll see

Yeah I get along with the other Elders pretty well. I've been blessed with good friendships my whole mission. I've been reflecting a lot on my mission and life, I've just been so humbled. I don't know what I've done to deserve everything I have been given. My mission hasn't been perfect. But I've finally started to become something that I'm proud of, and I know my Heavenly Father is proud too. I've gotten along with every missionary I've met, I've made great friends. I receive a lot more praise than I know I'm worth. Which is good! Because it guilts my pride into trying to be better.

I should be able to swing a 3:30 Skype time. I'm not sure where yet. I realized it was Mothers Day too only yesterday! I'm way excited!

Otherwise, good week. It went by quick, which seems to be the plague of my next couple transfers. We're working hard. I'm trying to be a good example. I'm by no means perfect, and it's obvious while training. But it's good. We're working with some wonderful families, we have set some high goals for ourselves as well. I'm almost done the Standard Works! Once I'm through Ezekiel I think I'm done!

Zone meeting was this week in Montego Bay. Trip down memory lane, however this time I wasn't the one teaching it! I haven't enjoyed the pleasure of receiving a zone meeting in a year. That was a funny thought. It's really nice just being a normal missionary again. I literally felt a burden lifted as I was on the bus to Sav. It's so nice.

But that's my life. Just praying, finding, planning, studying, and teaching!

Elder Zeck

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