Monday, May 30, 2016

One More Transfer Left


Sounds like a fun busy week. Jordan's a stud, he looked great. I'm sure it was quite the weekend. Who was his date?

Little brother Jordan's high school graduation

That's way exciting he's an Elder now! The Melchizedek priesthood is an awesome advancement. There's a lot of power that comes with it. When he's endowed he will see the Lord's hand a little differently in his life. I wish I went to the temple more before my mission. I've only done like, 2 endowment sessions... So I really don't remember anything...

Well, I can basically already play all those instruments and things. I was more thinking about giving the lessons. Something, I don't know if this is a long term thing or just to get on my feet. But I've been thinking very seriously about starting out with a music studio of sorts. It would basically just be me teaching lessons, I'd do basic recordings, I'd create and type out curriculums and things. Kind of what I was doing with guitar back home, but broaden it more to suit other musical interests. I try not to think about it very much, but I do feel as I pray that I need to do music some how for the rest of my life. I really do believe that it's a gift that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with. So I want to do something with it. Give lessons. Record. Help music become a blessing in more people's lives. That and I did the math, I can make a lot of money! So that's why I asked. It'll keep me busy until Spring semester so I can save up money for school, wherever I end up going.
What do you think of the idea? I can't bother with taking lessons.

The running shoes.. They're for running..

Yeah the DR trip got moved to September anyway so it's all good.

But yeah, things are good here. Just moving along. Transfer calls were good. Nothing is changing here, so I'm excited to stay! We're working with lots of people still. Busy week with meetings and things. Helped out with some institute stuff. I think it'd be so fun to teach institute. CES always looked like a fun job.

Not much to report though other than just we've been working hard. Lots of finding, lots of teaching. Lots of awesome people we're working with. I hope things at home are still going well. I've officially only got like, 6 and a half weeks left. In hind sight, it's all gone by so quickly. I feel like I still have so much to learn! But we're getting there. It's been raining a lot so my shoes look like garbage all the time. They're a chore to clean every single day.

I'm still alive

Elder Zeck

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