Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lots of Appointments


So yeah, it's Tuesday and it's raining a ton. I think we're going to go out to Negril anyway just for the fun of it. . Also gotta get a key copied.

Things are good.

That's great Jordan's graduating seminary, that's very important! He's going to be a great missionary. I can feel that. He just has to remember that serving a mission is like running a marathon. You can't walk, or sit down or run. Some missionaries will try to pace themselves so they don't burn out. But God commands us to sprint the entire distance, which seems impossible. And honestly, it is impossible! But God promises us that if we sprint as hard as we can the whole time, when we have no more energy left, we will realize that we aren't the one doing the work, and we realize he carries us through every single step. It's been a very real promise in my mission.

Sav's great. I've only taught more than 20 lessons in a week maybe 3 times on my mission, and this week we shattered my all time record with a big 30! The key, is the members finally trust us enough to work with us. And we received almost 10 referrals, we taught 30 lessons, met a ton of people, and ended the week with 20+ new investigators to work with. And the members have started to call us to ask when they can come teaching with us! This is the very thing we've been working for for 5 weeks now! It feels good to see fruits. We don't have time to take meals some days we are so busy, it's ridiculous. But it's good. We have a lot of people just asking us if they can be baptized.

We have had an issue recently though with people receiving spiritual witnesses that our message is true, and knowing they have to be baptized into our church, but then they see the repentance process and get frightened and we never see them again. It's heart breaking and frustrating. So we started over with some people, with a world of potential! So the work is great.

I'm well, although my shoes are impossible to keep clean. And I'm focused. I don't think about girls and stuff like some missionaries do haha. I'm starting to very vaguely recall how many weeks I've been out. And I was wondering if you could do me the biggest favor you've every done for me ever? Possibly even bigger than birthing me...

So I was hoping you could do some research for me and find some average costs for various forms of music lessons. Namely...

Some of these may not have "average costs" because they're weird. But that'd be great. My 5 year plan will be greatly affected by the research you do here. If you don't want to though it's whatever. It's only a request formulated from sincere prayer and fasting, but it's whatever.

I also need to know what the odds are, even remotely, of coming on the temple trip here in Jamaica. I'd obviously just meet them in Panama, or DR, or where ever, but I gotta start putting dates on a calender. Also, how much is an average plane ticket to Scotland?

Also in preparation for my homecoming, I need some things...
- All black pair of Saucony running shoes. Just jet black.
- Motor cycle with a side car
- An agreement that if I feel so inclined my first 48 hours home can be spent sleeping
- Permission to go to Utah for October Conference, and also in the summer go to through the temple with a convert from Portmore.
- Taco in a bag

Elder Zeck

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