Monday, May 16, 2016

Just a Little Letter Today - 60 days left

I've added a couple of bits from my letter so that things make more sense........


So we had Elder Davidson over for dinner this week.
That's good to hear you had him. What did you eat?
Yeah he was a good missionary. The Lord definitely trusted him. What's his life's plan now?

So yeah, the week was good though. Not much else to report. Just missionary work. Pulled some zinc roof off a house, killed a couple dozen wasps while we were at it. Did some member work and so forth. It's been very very hot lately.

Yeah, i pulled out the money. You can give me more money if you want, but I don't know why you would. I don't have a bicycle. I'd probably just use it to buy stuff to bring home.

Dad and I spoke in YSA today for High Council Sunday. It was fun. I haven't spoken in church in ages and I even left your dad lots of time for his talk. I spoke about changes and transitions in life and making decisions. Said we need to Trust in Heavenly Father, keep an eternal perspective, have faith, and be optimistic (or hopeful). While preparing for this talk I was reminded of your first letter from Jamaica and your description of being this really white sweaty guy who didn't understand anything that was being said and carrying your broken bike down the road. You said that it was going to be a long 24 months. When you look back now, can you believe that? 
Yeah I actually read through the journal entry for that day a little while back, and I kinda laughed. I always knew I would enjoy the mission. But back then it was more, "I hope I enjoy the mission" Now it's, "I know I enjoy the mission" So that was a fortunate adjustment. 

My shoes don't really look that trashed.... I'll send pictures next week.

Elder Zeck

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