Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Final Mother's Day Skype!!

Our Skype on Mother's Day

Our week was good. Our companionship unity is getting way better, so our lessons are better. We've had very few bad lessons, meaning lessons where we don't feel the Holy Ghost. It's just hard in our area because it's a little more ghetto, there are a lot distractions. From drunk, obnoxious, Rastafarians, to loud vulgar music, to children and stray dogs. So that's the struggle right now. We had a few people on date for baptism but we realized on Friday that we weren't proselyting in our area ha ha... whoops... So we're back to square one again, which is fine, those people will still get baptized and that's what's important! They are the Lord's recent converts! Not Elder Zeck's recent converts.

But yeah, Skype was cool, good thing that was my first one. I might send some pics.

Elder Zeck and Elder Anderson in Kingston

Elder Zeck and Elder White in Sav

Happy the light jacket and umbrella came in handy.

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