Monday, April 4, 2016

Lessons Learned

You should be getting a picture from Sister Dill.

Elder Zeck and Elder Anderson

Didn't really have time to look like a tourist and take pictures this week, too busy doing missionary work and stuck in a line at the police station with a bunch of Elders for trespassing onto a private basket ball court one night... Just kidding, it was for Visa stuff I think. But they wouldn't tell us what it was for. I take pictures but they're all boring and wouldn't make sense without me narrating.

Conference was good. Priesthood session and Saturday morning were my favorite. Lots of revelation received. Just a good weekend. Didn't get to proselyte much but I guess that happens. It starts at 7 for us actually so we still got home by 9.

I'm excited to hear about the call. If you send the video to Sister Brown in the office maybe I could watch it. My guesses are
1) Jamaica
2) Africa
3) France

So we'll see.
or California.

Week was good. Lots of lines and stuff. Not much progress. It doesn't feel like I've been in Kingston for 6 months almost. I could serve here forever. I love the people, and the places, and the proselyting.

Every day, I notice, I hit 9:00 and I'm done. Which is nice. I only ever have just enough energy to last me til nightly planning, and then I'm out of it. And I do it again, and again, and again. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about what we actually do as missionaries. But it's fun. I like it anyway. Yeah we're having fun. but holy cow, we're always tired. He (Elder Anderson) usually falls asleep on the tile floor of our kitchen every night, and I always wake up around 10:30 with my face on my journal. It's a healthy companionship.

But I'm doing my best! Still learning every day!

This week, should be mostly proselyting, and some driving. Doing some baptismal interviews around the island for our zone, which is great. Should be 6 or 7 zone wide this week which is wonderful!
Had Zone meeting this past week, I loved it! I love teaching them. 4 hours of gospel discussion. Talked a lot about how there's no excuses. Talked about some mission heresies like, "I don't have to change my personality" or "I can work hard and not be successful" Lies like that. I enjoy it every time!

The greatest lesson I've learned in Kingston is what it means to be a disciple of Christ. I've begun to understand what it means to truly become like Him, and devote your life to Him, and what that's going to be like when I come home. I've learned how the Spirit speaks to me, and I've learned by it a lot. Kingston has quite literally, and in a very cliche way, changed my life. It's been an interesting experience. What began as the most difficult area on my mission, is ending as the most sacred area. It's the first area where I actually feel like I've helped someone. And I've realized a lot here, that I had no clue of before. Every area I learn something new. I think this area I learned what I wish I knew at the very beginning. It's just been good. I don't think about home at all any more. But I do often ponder on how I can keep this up when I come home. I used to make fun of the weird missionaries for coming home and being weird, and we would joke about how long it would take to get them "normal" again. But I've just realized that the "weirdness" is probably a good thing. Too many people come home weird and then let the world get back in. Fitting the new you in your old life kinda thing. But that's so incredibly wrong! It's gotta be the new you in a new life. Elder Martinez of the 70 once came and made a comment along the lines, (or maybe it was Elder Cornish) "Perhaps the closest thing we can do to denying the Holy Ghost (unpardonable sin) is go less active after a full time mission" Which I think is incredibly true. I never thought I'd be so excited to put MoTab and Bednar talks on my iPod haha......... weird....

I've recently been thinking about the prophecies of the last days. I think the hardest part of the last days leading up to the millennium will not be the wars and plagues. But I think it will probably just be the fact that as Mormons, or perhaps Christians in general, we will end up being the odd man out every single time, in every single place. We will lose a lot of friends. It's going to be hard. The social aspect will be the hardest by far. I'm excited to go home and go to the temple. I feel like there's still a lot for me to learn there. I honestly don't remember a single part of the experience, I've only gone twice. I just remember how I felt, and it was pretty good.


Things are good. Still exhausted as ever. I'm excited to hear about Jordan's call!

Elder Zeck

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