Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfer Update: Training and White Washing in Savannah la Mar

Mamadeb: About 87 more days until we see this boy again. Sav is probably his last area.
Happy Birthday!!! I totally remembered..

Week was good. Lots of rain but not too bad. We still taught a ton people and did a lot of work. Good way to end my stay in Kingston. Lots of missionary work.

Yeah so I'm getting transferred to Sav to white wash train. It'll be pretty fun! I'm excited. It's the way I wanted to go so that's awesome.. I'm excited.

Not much to mention this week. Just did missionary work. I hate leaving an area. It's like breaking up with a million girlfriends. But it's probably way worse because these people actually care about me. Which is weird. I feel like Kingston has been my most successful area on my mission, purely because it's infinitely harder to leave here than it has been any other area. I've honestly been so upset all week long because I've known I was leaving. I've been telling everyone that Elder Anderson was leaving. It was so awful bearing my testimony in Sacrament meeting. Any way....

I don't really remember what happened this week. Lots of driving. Went to Port Antonio on Tuesday, Yallahs on Wednesday, Portmore on Thursday, Friday this morning again at 6AM, and Portmore again in about an hour. I have mixed feelings about leaving the zone leader position. I've been so blessed so far on my mission. Kingston has been the most sacred and life changing area I've had. I'm really tired so I can't really organize my thoughts.

I would love to come back to Jamaica though in July if that's even remotely possible.

Elder Zeck

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