Monday, April 25, 2016

Training, Walking, Hot Water.....Finally

Okey dokey

I haven't had a good donut since I left home, a few weeks ago

Transfers was great. Super hectic leading up to it, but now I'm here. We took a fancy bus, it was like, a 5 hour ride, but it was alright. Talked to this Methodist preacher lady on the bus who was really nice. She had some questions about how we got to Jamaica and how our church funds us. So that was a good conversation. She lives in a part of the island that missionaries can't go to right now, so that was too bad.

Yup I got Elder White! From Georgia. He's awesome. He's got a really natural desire to do the work, so he's always ready to get out the door and prepare people. I've learned a lot from him already, he's got a very natural motivation. We're going to get along pretty well.

Sav is awesome too. We would be on bikes, however mine got stolen in MoBay, and then returned in a useless state, so I dumped it at the APs house. We're just going to be on foot for the next couple transfers probably. Get some sun, and maybe mosquito bites and Zika. But I'm pretty sure I'm immune to Zika, so I'll be okay. So far so good. we get lost sometimes, but our area isn't too bad thankfully.

Yes we have hot water, which is great! Finish my mission in luxury.

So yeah, we're white washing which is interesting. We have a little bit of a teaching pool, but we've been doing a lot of ground work. We live in our area so it's really easy to just step outside and start talking to people. The church is only a 10 minute walk too, so there's a lot of perks. I prayed for this kind of experience to finish my mission, I'm grateful that God sees me fit to answer my prayers, and to see that my desires are his desires. I knew I'd be training Elder White almost a week before he got to the island. Maybe it was a good guess though..
But Sav will be wonderful.

I haven't taken any pics yet..

Yeah I'd LOVE to do the temple trip! But I'd probably just meet them there. I don't even know if I could come with them from Jamaica. I'd love to come to Jamaica too though. Rent a car, visit a few people. It'd be expensive though so I'm not really banking on any of that actually happening. It would be a neat experience if Jordan could come too. He could meet some people I taught and what my mission was like. But again, that's all fairly wishful. And a lot of people have specifically asked if they could meet my mother, so you'd have to come too.

So my life's been good. Leaving an area is awful. I feel like I broke up with a million girlfriends. But honestly, this was probably worse than breaking up with a million girlfriends. I'm going to miss the people in Kingston so much. I've never felt so involved and attached with an area before. They've all been good. But this is the first area where I really feel like people could remember me. I wasn't just another Elder. A lot of tear filled good byes accompanied my last 4 days in Kingston. It was awful... Elder Squire is going to have a ball baptizing them all though. I'm confident in all of them. It's the greatest feeling. Knowing that someone is making a covenant into a life that is far better than they've ever had before. I don't think there is any greater expression of love than leading someone to the waters of baptism. When I get home, I'm creating a savings fund for the sole purpose of being at the sealings and endowments of all the people I've met and had the privilege of working with. It's awesome!

Elder Zeck

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