Monday, March 14, 2016

The Greatest Challenges Often Reap the Greatest Blessings


Thanks for the email. Keep me posted on the papers. Glad to hear Jordan's still singing. Does he still play piano?

Yup Sister D and D got baptized!!! Super awesome, such a cool experience. Stood in the confirmation circle for both, what a blessing.

The Lord is blessing us both relentlessly right now. I've had so many awesome experiences the past 18 weeks, it's hard to contain. I'm glad I keep a journal. Lots and lots of opportunities to grow and progress and help the people here. remember how I used to talk about how this is the hardest area of my mission? Funny that it's also the most rewarding!

Temple sounds fun. When there's no temple near by, God usually uses mountains and stuff. So this morning we got up way early and hiked blue mountain with the APs to study by this waterfall. Pretty great. Had a pretty powerful experience while studying. Then we met some guy and the assistants are gonna teach him. So good morning!

But yeah. Good week! Should have another baptism this Saturday, but we'll find out like on Friday. Things are great though! Just working through it!

The Zone is doing great. We're doing better, and we're continually getting better. We're at this point where when we aren't feeling the Holy Ghost in our work, we realize it very quickly, and we do everything we can to get it back. It's just very stressful, very taxing.

Anyway, I'll see about pictures maybe. I may have forgot the camera...

Elder Zeck

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