Monday, March 7, 2016

One More Transfer in Kingston


So it's been a good week! It's awesome to get to be a missionary. I've learned a lot of really big lessons this week. Most of which you might see in my journals later because I don't really have time to expose all of my fun.

But G's baptism was great, and this coming Friday should be Sister D and D! They're all so excited, we're so excited for them too! It's been a privilege to work with them all.

So I get one more transfer in Kingston, it'll probably be my last. Time really has flown by. But I"ll be here. Lots of miracles are starting so we gotta make sure we're on top of those. Lots of good work to be done!

That's way exciting for Jordan! I'm anxious to hear where he ends up! Anywhere is cool. I think when we truly come to understand that God is incapable of giving a bad gift, we become much more grateful for the things He does give. Because it's always the best possible thing for us.

But yeah, good week. Got fed lunch by a lady who said she saw God. Had a good laugh. But she wasn't laughing.
Car battery died one morning so we had to fix it, thankfully it wasn't an issue.

Taking G out teaching is way fun!

MLC was this week. A bunch of us Zone Leaders got Burger King before, so that was fun. One of the other Elders told me to contact this one worker, so I did. That's pretty much the end of that story.

Church was wonderful, tons of people we're working with came, it was awesome!

Went to Port Antonio and got jerk from this place called Boston which I guess it supposed to be the best on the island. I believe it!

But yeah things are great!

Elder Zeck

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