Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wonderful Experiences, Blessings, Not Going to Think About Home Yet


1. You never answered my question about ingrown toe nails. Have you had issues?
No I have never had an ingrown toe nail on my mission. I've been lucky I suppose. My companion has a pretty nasty one right now.

2. Elder Jernigan's mom sent me a picture of K and L's wedding. You were in the picture.
Yeah the wedding was great!

3. You saw the "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" music in the box? Susan might be coming in July. I might get her to play it. I know you are busy, but even if you can learn a bit of it????????? Music IS spiritually rejuvenating.
Yeah I saw it and I skimmed through it. Looks easy enough, right? I actually don't know exactly where it is but I think it's in my crate or binder or something. Haven't had much time to look through it.

I'm not thinking about home or schooling at all until I am asked to prepare my five year plan, which won't happen until May probably. So... I don't really want to make any decisions with school. May as well just defer it then! I think I'll be able to make best use of my time.

5. Do you wear your retainer?
I look at my retainer most nights.

6. Diane is asking about your summer/fall plans. I know you have 24 months left, but can you give me some hints? Please? I know she has plans to take you somewhere. I think she wants to get her ducks in a row.
I don't plan on thinking about home plans for a couple months still. But the temple trip is a couple weeks after I think I get home, so it'd be cool to go wherever that temple trip is. Panama I think. I'll probably be working and figuring some things out.

But yeah, so this week was good. Taught some lessons. Did some street contacting. Made lots of phone calls. Ate some good food. Had some awesome experiences in lessons and watching investigators change their lives and keep commitments and things. Teaching families is the best. My razor's getting dull, so that's a struggle. I'm more exhausted than I've ever been. Had 3 baptisms this week! WHOOH! Pretty hectic. Had Sister M's on Wednesday and L and T on Friday. Both were wonderful. Great experiences for sure. The Lord is blessing us and our area quite a bit, it's a little ridiculous some days, but I mean that in the most humbling way possible. So I'm still going. I don't plan on being a dead missionary any time soon. Kinda weird that my last area will be made known to me in about 3 weeks. Time has been quite the phenomenon on the mission. I can honestly say that my mission has become the sacred experience that I've been praying for.

I suppose a quick thought.
At the beginning of my mission I would pray for crazy experiences. I wanted cool stories to tell. About 6 months ago, I decided that was the wrong view. I began praying for sacred experiences. Still cool stories, but some stories that I would hold very dear to my heart. Stories of changed lives, and experiences that leave powerful marks on my personal life. I can honestly say Kingston has been that sacred experience I've been wanting for. And it's been wonderful. With it came, trial and stress, and it still is trial and stress. But I know my purpose in life. I am coming to understand the true nature of our Heavenly Father. and I know that he's real. so there ya go.

Elder Zeck

I can't find the energy to pick up my bag from the floor, so no pictures. So sorry, haha... I'll send some.. I'll try to get more sleep next week and maybe I'll have the energy.

I hope you all know I love you. My emails are lame because my brain is fried on P-Days. You'll see my journal and stuff I guess. It's funny. I finally feel like I'm doing missionary work the right way, and it's the hardest way. but it's the most rewarding way. And I want to die sometimes, but that's only because I understand how nice that might be haha. Anyway, yeah. I'm tired. So don't be too mad that I don't write much of stories and things.

I've thought long and hard about putting in that retainer. sometimes I do actually. My teeth haven't moved much honestly.

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