Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Work Is Picking Up in Kingston

Mamadeb's Note: Heavily edited again this week. Lots of personal, non-bloggy kind of stuff. Suffice it to say, we love our James and the ways he is growing and maturing on his mission. We are coming down to the last 5 months. 


I guess this Zika thing is pretty bad. I'm immune so I'll probably be fine

Kingston really has been the hardest area for me so far, but I think it's only been hard because I've really learned what it means to be a missionary. I feel like every new area I "learn what it means to be a missionary" But I've never loved people so much as I have here, because anyone who really gets into the work, knows that if you don't love people, it will be discouraging, and impossible. That's been my greatest lesson.

Otherwise week was great. So busy! We have like, 6 people on date for baptism and like, 11 people coming to church. The Lord has blessed us so abundantly it's ridiculous! I've found the more of an effort I put on my obedience and diligence and prayers and studies, the more I see the Lord's hand in my life!

I really do have a testimony that as his children, he wants to give us all the blessings we have room for, and then some! But the only thing that really gets in the way is us. When we are proud, and stubborn, and disobedient. As I've made the effort to do everything I'm supposed to. Not just assuming that I am, but actually making a conscious effort to DO everything properly and exactly, that we've seen miracles. Since I've been with Elder Anderson we've maybe had 2 bad lessons, out of 40. And those were environmental and out of our control. Every night I think of what lessons I've learned that day, that I can use to teach someone else. To strengthen someone else's testimony. The experiences that I will use in talks, and in teaching moments, and the ones that people will remember. And I've had more the past 3 months than I think I've had my whole mission, and I think that's because of how hard this area has been. I've been really forced to work harder. It's always funny, talking of spiritual things. To most people this would seem very fictional or odd. It's powerful. I hope these experiences do not end with my service.

Anyway, enough stupid emotional stuff. I ate some Jamaican mexican food, that was good. I don't know, lots of protein shakes and toast. We're going to the gym and such. in a week I've gotten my warm up from .5k (sad I know) to 4.5k. So that's great. Tomorrow I plan on doing 5K in 28 minutes and I'll keep working faster from there.

Wrote lots this week but that's about it.

Hope everyone's good!

Elder Zeck

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