Monday, February 8, 2016

Pictures, Answers to Questions, and a Bit of News

1 Was there a Star Wars Darth Vader Christmas t-shirt in your Christmas box?
- Yes it was awesome! Where did you find it? I might need a new one.. I made a deal with Elder Johnson and he ended up with it

2 I was thinking I should start your application to UofL for the fall, just in case. Thoughts?

- Maybe, but I'm not sure yet. I might wait a semester before doing school, or maybe I'll only take a couple classes, I'll start figuring that out in a couple months. When does the semester start?

3 Can your Mission President interview you for a temple recommend?
- Yes

4 Can you live with the shirts you have or should I try to send you some? Are the 16" necks too big too?

- I'll be good

5 In the next box I am sending there is a bunch of candy, cookies, juice crystals, Nutella, and a bag for Kevon with two shirts (15.5" neck/long sleeve), two ties, and three pairs of socks. I'm just telling you in case customs helps themselves to any of the contents.

- Thank you! He'll love that. If you could send him a letter or something too, that'd be great!

6 Mailing packages is becoming a pain so this next one may be the last.

- I overstand

Here's a pic. Sister Dill got mad at me at church yesterday for not sending you pictures in a long time..

This is me and the trainee I spent like, 6 hours with. Boy I miss training!

Yo, you can't laugh at my hair. You have no idea how heartbreaking it was to have to get my haircut by a random civilian... I heard my heart break. I was so disappointed in myself.. I should've just left it long...

I miss Haley so much right now....(Our hair stylist)

I guess that's cool you wanna be part of my life.. I don't know. We wake up at 5 now to go to Express Fitness. I started running. I hate running outside, but I don't like treadmills, so I settled for treadmills. I run funny on them and it's making my feet hurt, but I ran for like 40 minutes. That'll be good for me I guess. then we get home shower, and stuff. Study. Teach. Find. Eat lunch. Teach. Find. Teach some more. Have meetings. Eat some more. Call district leaders and make sure they're doing what they're supposed and holding them accountable for their missionaries. Sleeping. Repeating. We're teaching some pretty great people right now actually! Lots of cool life changing experiences for them. I've been really lucky to be a part of it.

Had a neat experience at a district meeting in Kingston this week. We were talking about extending commitments with love. And just a thought came to my mind, that as missionaries we need a testimony that God loves his children. I think it's easy to say we believe he loves everyone, and we know He loves anyone because we have faith that He does. But I think it's also important for any Latter Day Saint person to really seek for a spiritual witness that God does love all his children. I had a neat experience like that a few months ago that's really changed how I view things and do things. But I feel like if we're going to tell people that Christ loves them, we need to feel it too.

That's exciting for Jordan! I'm excited to see where he goes and things.

Do you think Susan would give me piano and voice lessons if I came by to visit? Would she charge me?

I think I might be jealous that John and Mike are teaching seminary. I feel like teaching mission prep and seminary would be a dream. Or maybe it'd be really terrible.

but yeah, it's a good week.

Elder Zeck

"Grumpy" Elder Zeck

Elder Zeck and Elder Anderson, his new companion. Yes, I made fun of James' haircut

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