Monday, February 29, 2016

Not much time today I don't think, lots of stuff to do!

This whole one hour email time isn't too convenient. It's not a problem, it just means everyone thinks I hate them now. But I don't! I just have more important things to do. I took pictures this week but I don't think I"ll have time to email them. You can see them if I come home!

G GOT BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!! woooh. Yeah so that was cool. Super stoked for that one. Then his mom and brother are getting baptized in a couple weeks too if they can get through all the lessons in time. Which I think we will. So yeah, that's great! Took so many pictures.

Tell everyone I say happy birthday as well..

Investigators are great. We need more though.

Elections were last week, and then there was a recount and turns out the party that won wasn't actually supposed to win, so then people started doing dumb stuff and all the missionaries on the island had to stay home after church on Sunday. That was fun! But everyone's fine.

I'm almost done the Old Testament now. Then I'll be in my list of people I know that have read the Standard Works including : Bruce R McConkie, David A Bednar, dad? So I'll be up in the big leagues!

I think I'll be here for one more transfer and then I'll be out for my last 3 months in some random place. We'll see on Saturday though! I hope I train. I think that'd be great.

But yeah, that's about it. Great week. Not as good as we would've liked but it was good. Hope all's well and stuff!

Elder Zeck

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