Monday, January 25, 2016

Heavily Edited. Great letter, just quite personal.

Those books look good for now. I'll build up my nerdy library when I get back

I'm so excited to go back to the temple some day! Speaking of which I need to get my recommend renewed in the next couple months.

anyway.. Transfers. So I'm getting Elder Anderson, he's been out for like 5 months. I'm pretty excited. I was his zone leader in North Coast. so that'll be cool! Johnson's going to Negril. Jernigan's going to be the AP. all cool stuff.

So yeah, the week was good. I've used so much time on this email haha. But we're working with a family, and the husband needs to get divorced from a previous marriage and get married in order to get baptized. And they've been waiting forever for this to happen, and we've teaching them and really praying, and we all really felt strongly that the papers were going to go through this month. AND THEY DID!!!! The worst is over. There's going to be a little wait before they can get married, but man that was a miracle!

The Lord's also blessed us with a bunch of families to teach. Two of which have like, 9 people each! It's so much fun. And one of the mothers committed herself to baptism after the first lesson! Sooooo cool! Just wonderful people. I love this gospel and how it changes lives. I hope everything is good.

Jordan's grad pics look really good. The chocolate milk is ridiculous, but he's gonna be a man soon. I'm really proud of him. Hope all is well this week!

Elder Zeck

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