Monday, January 4, 2016

Finding Investigators

Hey mom!

Yeah sure sign me up for the run I guess...(Mamadeb - I asked if he'd do a half marathon in October)

If I want to transfer from U of L to BYU is that a hassle? How terrible is switching schools for my education? are most school programs fairly compatible?

Jordan's the ward choir director?! That's hilarious!! That's going to be an interesting calling. Good luck to him. That's hilarious, I laughed out loud.

But yeah, so the week's been good. The Lord's blessed us with a few FAMILIES to teach! We were so excited. Whenever I call in a house and notice it's a family I get so excited and start kinda freaking out on the inside! We actually had like, 4 investigators at church this Sunday. A Bunch of really really great people. One of them we've been teaching for a week and church this Sunday was fantastic! The classes were like big discussions, the Spirit was there, and the visitors had a great time! It honestly might have been the best day of church on my whole mission to date, it was so good! I'm so excited for all these people. We were supposed to have 6 or 7 so we're going to follow up with them.

We sat down for a lesson this week at the S family's house and Elder Johnson felt a tickle on his elbow. Then some pain, and he had a couple ants on his arms biting him. Then he stood up and turned around and there were literally HUNDREDS of ants all over his body! And so we spent like 3 minutes brushing him off and he was bit up really bad after the lesson. He was covered in bites! I'll bet the family felt funny about that. But the lesson after went well. We committed them to baptism so that's a step.

Other wise things were good. Super tired, trying really hard to always be positive and excited about the work, even if it's 8:30 at night and I wanna sleep. Lots of good good things going on. I hope things are still good at home! I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a disciple, and how true discipleship changes depending on the point in time. True disciples in the Old Testament, was different from New Testament, which is different from the Restoration days, which is different from even today. But in the end discipleship is really just being obedient to the laws that God has set for us. Some missionaries have a hard time living a rule in the missionary handbook concerning having males in our lessons with females, and they feel like denying someone a visit because there are no males around is not being a loving disciple. They're wrong! Being a disciple is doing what we're supposed to do. We need to be converted to God. I think some people struggle with loving their investigators more than they love God, which is a weird backwards way of looking at it. I hope I can come home and still be a disciple.

As far as info I need you to get I'll let you know, I'll probably start thinking about my future today or next month or something.

Just keep thinking of things I should do when I get home and stuff. I'll think of something. I think I get home the 8th? I'm really not sure. Start passing around the date calender. I'm sure I'll have nothing better to do than date...

Elder Zeck

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