Monday, January 11, 2016

Continuing to Grow

Does dad own jeans?
We sent this one of his dad.  It's -33C with the windchill!!

Littlest brother Jackson

And wow Jackson's hair is long. And he looks old now.

This week was actually pretty good though! We picked up some new investigators, have some GREAT potential! Working with some awesome families. That's the best part. Families are great!
With the lack of a third companionship in our ward we did some rearranging of the boundaries so we lost some area and gained a ton more, so it should be interesting this coming week.. I thought our area was big already.
Went back to Portmore for a trade off, I love going back! Portmore is the best.

Had MLC this week, talked a lot about teach repentance properly. It's easy for us to teach it like a box on a checklist, and like, a one time thing preparing for baptism. But we're trying to look at it more as a gateway to the Atonement. Something that we can understand is essential and repeatable for our whole lives! We need to help those we teach understand that repentance doesn't stop at baptism. It needs to become part of the daily routine. But even then, too often we look at repentance as just being forgiven of our sin. We want the kind of daily repentance that pushes a person from good to better. Constantly changing! So that was good.

Talked a lot about the dignity of our calling as well. Too often missionaries come out thinking that they can still act like dumb teenagers. But they can't! We have to respect the dignity of our calling, the purposes and characters we work towards out here. It's something that I've thought about a lot. I feel like on my mission I've changed a lot. I've had to really work at being more dignified and reverent. I really hope it doesn't make me weird when I get home! But I'm definitely different, I see it every day. It's weird. But good right?

This feels kinda short today, but things are good! I'm healthy, I'm exhausted all of the time. I'm really excited for the next 6 months! It's going to be good! But it's probably also going to fly by, and that's kinda depressing... It's really hard to think about home (no offense) There's just so much to do

Elder Zeck

Stole this from a Missionary Mom.  Elder JimmyZ doesn't send home pictures too often so Mamadeb relies on other missionaries' cameras.  

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