Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Transfer Week

Thanks for the pictures!

Yeah I saw Mikey. He stayed at our house the night before he left, so I said bye to him and stuff. 

Transfers was cool, we were running errands the whole day so we didn't go to transfers. We lost almost 4 days of proselyting this week which was a bummer, not good numbers this week. So we're really hoping that doesn't destroy our area for this week. It's Christmas week so things are going to be tough. Some people really like Christmas on the mission. I don't haha, I think it's weird, and people are really busy with their families, which is good, so I don't like bugging people. Maybe I'm too apologetic.

Zone Christmas is this Wednesday

I think I have the old skype still. We'll find out on Friday.

But yeah, hectic crazy week. Tuesday was Trainers Meeting and Transfers was Wednesday. We got Port Antonio grafted into our zone which is great! But it meant we drove about 1000 kilometers in 3 days. So it's kinda like I never left the North Coast! But it was cool. Got to drive bike with Elder Dawson (My grandson) and Elder Eulette, who was in MoBay when I was there. But it's Christmas, classic time of the year. People are busy, they're travelling, they don't pick up their phones, and everyone we contact tells us to come back next year haha. so, we're just going to keep going along. It's still a great time, we've prepared a Christmas message for the people who do happen to let us in. Mostly members I think. But it's been good.

I realized I only have like, 28 weeks left, which is upsetting.

But things are good, we're still working, there's some parts of our area we've never been too yet so we're going to give those parts a shot. Some of them are a little more ghetto, but I'm kinda sick of rich people so it'll be a nice change.

Otherwise just Christmas! I got to do a baptismal interview for a young woman a few days ago. It's a neat experience to be a part of some one's path to baptism like that. I could tell she was pretty nervous, but it went well. There were a couple baptisms this past weekend. None for us unfortunately, but still exciting! We had 6 or 7 people on date a while back but as of right now we're not really sure where they are. So we're back to the drawing board. Pray for us.

Elder Zeck

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