Monday, December 14, 2015

Staying in Kingston. He Sent Pictures.

I'm trying to take pictures, it's just weird, because we really don't have time. I don't know when people take pictures! When we aren't teaching we're tracting, and when we're not proselyting I'm usually reading or sleeping. I can't take pictures to the Celestial kingdom anyway! Haha.. Anyway...

You should start lining up girls for me to date after my mission, I'll send home pictures for that purpose for sure! Just set me up a calender or something. I'm gonna go on 30 dates with 30 different girls in my first month. That's the goal anyway! I've been surrounded by dudes for like, 17 months... But it's cool, dudes are cool. What disqualifies a girl from being allowed in my atmosphere?

You sent me that tie I think. It's nice! Everybody complimented me on it. I'm going to give it to Kevon though I think for a Christmas present.  Nasty tie in photos below.

This week was better. Work is definitely slowing down but there's still baptisms! It's not as bad as last year because I've made a point of warning all the companionships that Christmas time is the worst time to teach about Jesus, and that they should plan accordingly. And so far it's kinda working. I'm way excited, I really hope I'm here for 5 transfers, which is rare. But I feel like I finally have a faint idea of what success feels like, and I think I know how to get it. I feel like I've had to learn a lot for myself. I've been in leadership most of my mission, which means I haven't really had a chance to be shown how to be a good missionary because I'm always the one expected to teach, if that makes sense. And people are different around their leaders. But I feel like I've finally connected a few dots. Feels good.

Otherwise, good week. Just working along. Kingston's tough because people are super busy. So in bush towns when they say to come at a time, even if they don't want you to come, they might be there. Here, they tell us to come and don't give a care, because they aren't there, and then they block our number. It's frustrating, but I've learned a lot about just working through it. Trying to tract every square inch we see when we get to an area, calling at every gate. We get rejected a lot. A LOT. It's awful. But it's alright. We probably, over the past 6 weeks, have gotten over 100 potential investigators, but we've only taught maybe 20 of them haha... Ah well, it's okay. We're still looking for our first baptism!

Stake conference was on the weekend so I've got a couple pictures. Week's been good. Just working.

Elder Zeck

The former Sister Dill

The district - I assume

Blurry Elder Graham, Elder Zeck, Elder Koegler

Elder Zeck and Elder Brown with Kevon - James said this about Kevon.... he makes the whole two years worth it. If I don't accomplish anything else. He's great.

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