Monday, December 28, 2015



Just before I forget, if there's any plans that you all have to do with me for when I get home, I'd like to know those ASAP! Like if Diane actually wants to take me to walk on the Camino de Santiago, or whatever... That would be much appreciated!

But yeah, Skype was weird as usual, but in a good way! It just feels like an email but in person. It's cool though to see everyone, I miss you all, I really do! I don't get distracted though. Don't worry. I've always been pretty good at being focused if I really want to be. Yeah, Jackson looks like a man now. Jordan's matured a lot too. Jared's voice is deeper. Is dad gaining weight? Am I going to have to take him to the gym when I get home? You can tell him I asked that ;) maybe he should do the '6 months to sexy' with me when January hits.

So yeah Christmas was good. Just busy. Christmas on the mission is cool and all, but it was soooo busy. We got up, studied, I Skyped, we went to lunch at the Patriarch's house with some other missionaries and some senior couples, that was super good! Then Elder Johnson Skyped at another member's house, and then we taught a few lessons, went out with a member. The whole week was tough on proselyting so this week might be a slight readjustment. But it was good over all. Christmas eve we Christmas carolled in town. We got a lot of puzzled and weird looks, but there were a few people who really loved it. We also visited some struggling families with Bishop and some of the youth. Delivered some presents and carolled and stuff. It's funny singing Christmas carols in the ghetto, because people don't really do that here.

Things are good. I'm way tired and there are a lot of days where I kinda shut down and I really have to push myself to keep going. The conditions of the work are one thing, the sun is another. Combined with just the attitude of Kingston towards our church, it gets pretty rough some days. But with that said, it's not that bad. I haven't had any bad days, just hard days, but that's what I signed up for I suppose. It's hard to get out the door when you have no investigators. We had quite a few but they've all fallen off the map so we're starting over again. Which is fine. I'm looking forward to this week, with the holiday season being over.

What advice could I have possibly given him? (Jordan gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and quoted some advice that James gave him) That's cool. I gave a talk too. I was asked right before sacrament meeting because the speaker didn't show up so I spoke for 12 minutes on Personal Worthiness. It was pretty okay I suppose. I love speaking.

That's exciting with the job! That'll be different.

But cool. Week's been good. Tried to bake cookies. Failed terribly.

Teaching families is great.

Teaching a guy on a road called "Chevy Chase" Thought that was funny.

Started proselyting in a ghetto area. It's pretty funny. People are way more humble there, so we actually get to talk to people.

Otherwise just Christmas stuff. The devotional was way good. I performed a lot, which is something I always miss. Spent a lot of time at the post office trying to reclaim packages and stuff. visited a lot of members too. Otherwise things are still good!

Elder Zeck

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