Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfers.......Going Kingston Zone Leader......Bye,Bye Montego Bay


So yeah transfers, as expected. I'm going Kingston Zone Leader, which is hilarious because since the beginning of my mission I've always said that was the LAST place I wanted to go. But I'm excited for it, I see why I've been called there. I feel like I am supposed to be there, which is obvious I suppose, because I'm going there. Elder Hall, who came out with me, is replacing me here. Elder Palmer (the Elder I trained) He's going Santa Cruz Zone Leader with Elder Jernigan so that's fun. Koegler has one transfer left which is pretty funny. But yeah, transfers, always a crazy week. as of tonight I'm pretty much done proselyting until Thursday. I'll be serving with Elder Johnson. Don't really know him, I sat by him in a zone meeting once in Spanish Town but that's about it, he seems cool though. I'll be living with the Assistants.

I haven't seen my suit since day one, but my size 16 shirts are starting to feel baggy. I don't know if I should ask for 15.5 though, my shirts probably just need tailoring.

Shoes are fine, although they're becoming harder to stay polished.

Towels are fine

Lots of shirts, those are fine. I'm going to bleach and cake soap them today so they'll be nice and white again.

Haven't done a musical number in a couple months, but I try to sing loud in church, does that count?

No hot water.................(Editor's note: I don't think he's had hot water in 16 months!!)

I'll try to send pics today, I think I brought my camera cord.... But the weeks' been good, sounds like home is good. Halloween isn't really a thing out here so it is past and gone. Thanks for the packages! I should get them tomorrow I think. And for the Christmas one, I don't know, drink crystals and jerky. dental floss would be nice. Nothing really comes to mind.

The week's been good. Is it a rule back home that to be in the church building there has to be at least one Melchizedek priesthood holder? It's a rule here, but I never heard it back home.

I burned my oatmeal a couple days ago...

We've struggled a lot with anti-Mormon material lately. Which is weird. The past 6 months here in MoBay have been great, but over the past week and a half we've lost our entire teaching pool to laziness and anti stuff. It's ridiculous. We've literally spent the past 3 days straight tracting. Calling at gates and stopping people, all day long, every day. I've never tracted this much, I've never struggled to get lessons! I'm not complaining, I'm still doing missionary work so I really don't mind. What else am I going to do? But I feel bad for the next Elder. Over the past 2 weeks we've found 60 new people to teach so I'm excited to hear about what goes on for them. But it's been rough. I think that really is the hardest part of missionary work. I really do hate how much I care about these people. It's upsetting. All I want is what's best for these people, and they don't give it a chance. I'm not the only one to feel this, so I don't let it get me down. I'm sure if I'm this upset, I can only imagine how upset Heavenly Father gets. But, it's a struggle. The struggle is real.

It's been flipping sunny this week.

Otherwise, we're still going. Just lots and lots of tracting. I pray that all of these people accept the gospel someday. I'm looking forward to Kingston though. That's going to be interesting. I have zero ideas what to expect.

Elder Zeck

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