Monday, November 9, 2015

The Struggle With Affluence and Last Birthday in Jamaica

Don't have very long, email time has been reduced to an hour, so I won't probably get to any emails this week other than president Brown's and yours. I'll email the brothers back next week as well.

....... So I forgot the camera cord again......... But i haven't taken any pictures anyway, and i know you'd be all upset about it, but this has probably been the hardest working week of my mission. I don't have any time to take pictures. I'm basically white washing this area, and it's mostly rich people, so we've been knocking on doors and ringing door bells and we've been out in the sun all day every day trying to find people to teach. I've never been this tired on my mission, and I've always been tired! haha. 

But it's good, I kinda like it. I'm learning to love it. Knocking on doors isn't really a thing in this mission, so what we're doing feels pretty foreign. Again, I like it. We're trying to set a good example for the zone. I've taught like, 1 lesson in 10 days, it's pretty brutal. But it's only because we've had to find, and over the past 20 days I've probably found almost 70 potential investigators between Kingston and Montego Bay. So that's pretty cool. 55 of those are back in MoBay, hopefully they all pull through. We found 15 the past few days here, which probably averages out to less than 1 per hour of tracting. But we've been in some FILTHY RICH neighbourhoods. People hate us up there. Ah well.

So yeah, sorry, no pictures, too busy trying to baptize

Yeah I can get shirts tailored. 

Kingston's been good, my comp is Elder Johnson. He's from Texas, pretty cool guy. We've got lots in common. It'll be a good transfer. 

No hot showers.

Just send me stuff that will make me not get fatter. I've lost like 35 pounds over the past year, so I've got a few more to go in all. Actually just send Twix bars.

Elder Stolp's awesome, he's South African.
Can someone adopt me and send me stuff?
Elder Lafayette says thanks for the ties, he loved them! He freaked out when he saw them.

The box was great! Thanks so much! I gained some bonus points with everyone when I gave them alligator jerky. Pretty cool. 

So yeah, it's my birthday tomorrow. Big deal. I'm 20... That's weird. I feel old, but that's alright. Let me know if a bunch of people comment on my Facebook page about my birthday, probably because they don't even know I'm on a mission haha. My hour's up so I'll talk to you next week I guess!

I'll see what I can do about picturess

Thanks again for everything, I appreciate it a ton!

Elder Zeck

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