Monday, November 23, 2015

The Efforts Continue

So I got back to a couple more family emails. Just the brothers and dad. so this will be kinda short. Sorry!

But hi, good to hear from ya.

MamaDeb - I mentioned he had not served in the bush yet. I also mentioned I wanted to plan a vacation for Sean and I in the new year.....somewhere warm
Yeah I've been in mostly city and ghetto so far. Go to MoBay and go to church there on Sunday, that'd be hilarious.

MamaDeb - I asked what his plans for Christmas were.
On Christmas I'll probably just... teach haha. Nothing special. Maybe Christmas Carol, it's hard to teach on holidays. So maybe we'll knock doors and interrupt innocent people.

The week's been good. Met a guy named Jerome! Super cool, pretty well off it seemed. Lived in a really nice neighbourhood. Very humbled. We rang his doorbell and he immediately let us in and wanted us to teach him about the Book of Mormon, and then we gave it to him and committed him to baptism and church and stuff. Then he tried to shove 2000 dollars down our throats to pay for the book, we were actually really worried we'd offend him by saying no. We settled on Coconut water. So that was good! But then we met with him again.......... He believes Judgment happened when Christ was around and that we are at the end of the millennium now and he refuses to actually come to church and he wanted to pay us for the book again...... Darn... But it was a good week! Just lots of contacting! taught twice as much as last week which was great! We're hoping the it gets better this week though. I got here with 0 investigators, I'm now sitting here with like, 12, and we're hoping for 4 or 5 more this week, but we might be dropping a few.

Kingston is great though, lots of good stuff happening. Lots of excitement for Christmas. Elder Jarvis is wrapping gifts behind me right now. It'll be cool. I just remember last Christmas was pretty hot. 

Sorry this is pretty short. I've got so many things to reply to. Nothing too crazy to report on this week though anyway. Just trying to really up the member work and just trying to figure out who's getting baptized before Christmas!

But yeah, hope things are good at home! I miss you all, and I'll see you at Christmas!

Elder Zeck

MamaDeb - No pics this week, but I thought I'd share one's that I'd sent him......

This is the great Missionary Sweater Vest that Sean would not let me buy.  Jackson modeled it for me.  James asked what happened to Jackson's baby fat.  Sadly I answered that he gave it to me.


These two lovely young ladies were in James' district at the MTC.  Four of the missionaries in the district were bound for the Canada Calgary Mission.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Dente (upper left) last February.  I actually ran into her at the Walmart.  I was able to take her and her companion out for lunch.  I met Sister Egbert (upper right) last week at a Zone Conference I was at helping with the luncheon.

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