Monday, November 16, 2015

Not Much of a Letter but I got Pictures so I'm Not Complaining

Editor's note:  So the pictures have been lacking for weeks.  This week James pretty much just answered the questions I gave him and sent the pictures.  He doesn't get much email time, which I think is fine.  P-Day is not just for emailing and they have so much to do on that one day.  It was nice to see his face.  

Grandma and grandpa's package was great. Lots of good stuff. We can only email for an hour now, so it might take some weeks to catch up on everyone's emails.

Lady with the 6 year old daughter, she was doing great, going to get baptized, got some anti material from a friend and a pastor of another church, thought we were going to sacrifice her, and stopped coming. Very upsetting....

I get along with most people. I feel like I get along with fewer people now because I'm kind of that missionary that tries to talk about the work only and I tell people to do better. That annoys people I suppose. But I think people respect me or something. I don't know why they would though, I'm not much better than anybody else.

APs are way cool, by far two of the best Elders in the mission.

No flour this year! Thankfully, yeah on my birthday we chopped an investigator's yard and I got a good sunburn.

All truck. This house is probably the nicest, it's just really big.

Kingston is great, but it's big, and our area feels kinda small. Especially knocking gates and ringing doorbells, I could see how we could cover our whole area in a month, but our area is pretty wealthy, so we usually don't get answers from the houses we call at. In the days people are working, and then they get home, they're too tired, and they can't see us anyway. The succesfull people that we come across usually dedicate their lives to work. But we're still teaching great people right now. But Kingston is great. Lots of stores and stuff. White people every so often. I don't like that part.

There's a Subway! That's pretty awesome. But super expensive... Also A&W rootbeer, that's a miracle!

Our area is doing well, I came and we're kinda white washing, which is a pain, but it just means we have to work hard and everything. Which is good! I just never feel like I can work hard enough.

Not to cheat you outta time, but I only have like 25 or 30 minutes left so I gotta get everyone else now. Hope the week's great! Tell everyone I say hi! I love you all!

Elder Zeck

Day of Service a couple of weeks ago. The cleaned a beach

Happy Birthday to my Baby!! 20 years old!!

Thank you to Sister Dill for baking him a cake. They served in Montego Bay together. She has now completed her missionary service.

Cake and the miraculous A&W Rootbeer

An Artsy Picture. This must be the living quarters.

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