Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Been a Good Week to Stop Being Less Active!

Me cooking chicken.........(but really......what's up with the shirt?)
Week was good!
Teaching pool is still growing
Companion is good
We'll probably be together again

Tell Parker I say hi! That's cool to hear about Jordan and serving.

That's cool you saw Charlotte. I was glad that Tyrell married her, she's way cool. I barely knew Tyrell, and they were already engaged when I met him, but I wouldn't have let him marry her if she was lame. I'm excited to see them again. 
If you happen to see her again tell her I say hello.

I'm going to tell you now that you aren't allowed to talk to me about my future unless I bring it up, just so you know haha. But music would be way fun. I'm seriously starting to debate my future when I get home in infinity months.

Thanks for the support! I love and miss you too.

This week was slow. Rained a bit so not much happened. 

When I was in Portmore I came on trade off with the zone leaders here and I visited a couple less actives, so it was pretty cool when I got transferred here and got to work with them. One of them came to church!!!!!!!!!!! First time she's been to church since LAST YEAR! Gosh, I'm so happy that happened!

We also had a family reactivated this past Sunday, it's been a good week to stop being less active!

What do you think of me working at the MTC?

Elder Zeck

MamaDeb: MTC - you'd have to go to BYU. Could you handle that?

Elder JimmyZ: I've given it legitimate and unfortunate thought......
Would I have to write the SAT or ACT? Or can I just apply from here?
I've served a mission so BYU should be salivating over me.

Background info: We moved to a town with about 10% of the population being LDS from a place where it was 0.01% (Maybe I'm being generous) of the population. It was an interesting transition. 13 year old James said, "There's too many Mormons here." Fast forward a few years and he goes down to BYU to visit a friend and comes home and says, "Nice university campus but I don't think it's really my thing."

A Canadian at BYU with the exchange rate as it is at the moment is making my head spin.

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