Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Been a Good Week to Stop Being Less Active!

Me cooking chicken.........(but really......what's up with the shirt?)
Week was good!
Teaching pool is still growing
Companion is good
We'll probably be together again

Tell Parker I say hi! That's cool to hear about Jordan and serving.

That's cool you saw Charlotte. I was glad that Tyrell married her, she's way cool. I barely knew Tyrell, and they were already engaged when I met him, but I wouldn't have let him marry her if she was lame. I'm excited to see them again. 
If you happen to see her again tell her I say hello.

I'm going to tell you now that you aren't allowed to talk to me about my future unless I bring it up, just so you know haha. But music would be way fun. I'm seriously starting to debate my future when I get home in infinity months.

Thanks for the support! I love and miss you too.

This week was slow. Rained a bit so not much happened. 

When I was in Portmore I came on trade off with the zone leaders here and I visited a couple less actives, so it was pretty cool when I got transferred here and got to work with them. One of them came to church!!!!!!!!!!! First time she's been to church since LAST YEAR! Gosh, I'm so happy that happened!

We also had a family reactivated this past Sunday, it's been a good week to stop being less active!

What do you think of me working at the MTC?

Elder Zeck

MamaDeb: MTC - you'd have to go to BYU. Could you handle that?

Elder JimmyZ: I've given it legitimate and unfortunate thought......
Would I have to write the SAT or ACT? Or can I just apply from here?
I've served a mission so BYU should be salivating over me.

Background info: We moved to a town with about 10% of the population being LDS from a place where it was 0.01% (Maybe I'm being generous) of the population. It was an interesting transition. 13 year old James said, "There's too many Mormons here." Fast forward a few years and he goes down to BYU to visit a friend and comes home and says, "Nice university campus but I don't think it's really my thing."

A Canadian at BYU with the exchange rate as it is at the moment is making my head spin.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Efforts Continue

So I got back to a couple more family emails. Just the brothers and dad. so this will be kinda short. Sorry!

But hi, good to hear from ya.

MamaDeb - I mentioned he had not served in the bush yet. I also mentioned I wanted to plan a vacation for Sean and I in the new year.....somewhere warm
Yeah I've been in mostly city and ghetto so far. Go to MoBay and go to church there on Sunday, that'd be hilarious.

MamaDeb - I asked what his plans for Christmas were.
On Christmas I'll probably just... teach haha. Nothing special. Maybe Christmas Carol, it's hard to teach on holidays. So maybe we'll knock doors and interrupt innocent people.

The week's been good. Met a guy named Jerome! Super cool, pretty well off it seemed. Lived in a really nice neighbourhood. Very humbled. We rang his doorbell and he immediately let us in and wanted us to teach him about the Book of Mormon, and then we gave it to him and committed him to baptism and church and stuff. Then he tried to shove 2000 dollars down our throats to pay for the book, we were actually really worried we'd offend him by saying no. We settled on Coconut water. So that was good! But then we met with him again.......... He believes Judgment happened when Christ was around and that we are at the end of the millennium now and he refuses to actually come to church and he wanted to pay us for the book again...... Darn... But it was a good week! Just lots of contacting! taught twice as much as last week which was great! We're hoping the it gets better this week though. I got here with 0 investigators, I'm now sitting here with like, 12, and we're hoping for 4 or 5 more this week, but we might be dropping a few.

Kingston is great though, lots of good stuff happening. Lots of excitement for Christmas. Elder Jarvis is wrapping gifts behind me right now. It'll be cool. I just remember last Christmas was pretty hot. 

Sorry this is pretty short. I've got so many things to reply to. Nothing too crazy to report on this week though anyway. Just trying to really up the member work and just trying to figure out who's getting baptized before Christmas!

But yeah, hope things are good at home! I miss you all, and I'll see you at Christmas!

Elder Zeck

MamaDeb - No pics this week, but I thought I'd share one's that I'd sent him......

This is the great Missionary Sweater Vest that Sean would not let me buy.  Jackson modeled it for me.  James asked what happened to Jackson's baby fat.  Sadly I answered that he gave it to me.


These two lovely young ladies were in James' district at the MTC.  Four of the missionaries in the district were bound for the Canada Calgary Mission.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Dente (upper left) last February.  I actually ran into her at the Walmart.  I was able to take her and her companion out for lunch.  I met Sister Egbert (upper right) last week at a Zone Conference I was at helping with the luncheon.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Not Much of a Letter but I got Pictures so I'm Not Complaining

Editor's note:  So the pictures have been lacking for weeks.  This week James pretty much just answered the questions I gave him and sent the pictures.  He doesn't get much email time, which I think is fine.  P-Day is not just for emailing and they have so much to do on that one day.  It was nice to see his face.  

Grandma and grandpa's package was great. Lots of good stuff. We can only email for an hour now, so it might take some weeks to catch up on everyone's emails.

Lady with the 6 year old daughter, she was doing great, going to get baptized, got some anti material from a friend and a pastor of another church, thought we were going to sacrifice her, and stopped coming. Very upsetting....

I get along with most people. I feel like I get along with fewer people now because I'm kind of that missionary that tries to talk about the work only and I tell people to do better. That annoys people I suppose. But I think people respect me or something. I don't know why they would though, I'm not much better than anybody else.

APs are way cool, by far two of the best Elders in the mission.

No flour this year! Thankfully, yeah on my birthday we chopped an investigator's yard and I got a good sunburn.

All truck. This house is probably the nicest, it's just really big.

Kingston is great, but it's big, and our area feels kinda small. Especially knocking gates and ringing doorbells, I could see how we could cover our whole area in a month, but our area is pretty wealthy, so we usually don't get answers from the houses we call at. In the days people are working, and then they get home, they're too tired, and they can't see us anyway. The succesfull people that we come across usually dedicate their lives to work. But we're still teaching great people right now. But Kingston is great. Lots of stores and stuff. White people every so often. I don't like that part.

There's a Subway! That's pretty awesome. But super expensive... Also A&W rootbeer, that's a miracle!

Our area is doing well, I came and we're kinda white washing, which is a pain, but it just means we have to work hard and everything. Which is good! I just never feel like I can work hard enough.

Not to cheat you outta time, but I only have like 25 or 30 minutes left so I gotta get everyone else now. Hope the week's great! Tell everyone I say hi! I love you all!

Elder Zeck

Day of Service a couple of weeks ago. The cleaned a beach

Happy Birthday to my Baby!! 20 years old!!

Thank you to Sister Dill for baking him a cake. They served in Montego Bay together. She has now completed her missionary service.

Cake and the miraculous A&W Rootbeer

An Artsy Picture. This must be the living quarters.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Struggle With Affluence and Last Birthday in Jamaica

Don't have very long, email time has been reduced to an hour, so I won't probably get to any emails this week other than president Brown's and yours. I'll email the brothers back next week as well.

....... So I forgot the camera cord again......... But i haven't taken any pictures anyway, and i know you'd be all upset about it, but this has probably been the hardest working week of my mission. I don't have any time to take pictures. I'm basically white washing this area, and it's mostly rich people, so we've been knocking on doors and ringing door bells and we've been out in the sun all day every day trying to find people to teach. I've never been this tired on my mission, and I've always been tired! haha. 

But it's good, I kinda like it. I'm learning to love it. Knocking on doors isn't really a thing in this mission, so what we're doing feels pretty foreign. Again, I like it. We're trying to set a good example for the zone. I've taught like, 1 lesson in 10 days, it's pretty brutal. But it's only because we've had to find, and over the past 20 days I've probably found almost 70 potential investigators between Kingston and Montego Bay. So that's pretty cool. 55 of those are back in MoBay, hopefully they all pull through. We found 15 the past few days here, which probably averages out to less than 1 per hour of tracting. But we've been in some FILTHY RICH neighbourhoods. People hate us up there. Ah well.

So yeah, sorry, no pictures, too busy trying to baptize

Yeah I can get shirts tailored. 

Kingston's been good, my comp is Elder Johnson. He's from Texas, pretty cool guy. We've got lots in common. It'll be a good transfer. 

No hot showers.

Just send me stuff that will make me not get fatter. I've lost like 35 pounds over the past year, so I've got a few more to go in all. Actually just send Twix bars.

Elder Stolp's awesome, he's South African.
Can someone adopt me and send me stuff?
Elder Lafayette says thanks for the ties, he loved them! He freaked out when he saw them.

The box was great! Thanks so much! I gained some bonus points with everyone when I gave them alligator jerky. Pretty cool. 

So yeah, it's my birthday tomorrow. Big deal. I'm 20... That's weird. I feel old, but that's alright. Let me know if a bunch of people comment on my Facebook page about my birthday, probably because they don't even know I'm on a mission haha. My hour's up so I'll talk to you next week I guess!

I'll see what I can do about picturess

Thanks again for everything, I appreciate it a ton!

Elder Zeck

Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfers.......Going Kingston Zone Leader......Bye,Bye Montego Bay


So yeah transfers, as expected. I'm going Kingston Zone Leader, which is hilarious because since the beginning of my mission I've always said that was the LAST place I wanted to go. But I'm excited for it, I see why I've been called there. I feel like I am supposed to be there, which is obvious I suppose, because I'm going there. Elder Hall, who came out with me, is replacing me here. Elder Palmer (the Elder I trained) He's going Santa Cruz Zone Leader with Elder Jernigan so that's fun. Koegler has one transfer left which is pretty funny. But yeah, transfers, always a crazy week. as of tonight I'm pretty much done proselyting until Thursday. I'll be serving with Elder Johnson. Don't really know him, I sat by him in a zone meeting once in Spanish Town but that's about it, he seems cool though. I'll be living with the Assistants.

I haven't seen my suit since day one, but my size 16 shirts are starting to feel baggy. I don't know if I should ask for 15.5 though, my shirts probably just need tailoring.

Shoes are fine, although they're becoming harder to stay polished.

Towels are fine

Lots of shirts, those are fine. I'm going to bleach and cake soap them today so they'll be nice and white again.

Haven't done a musical number in a couple months, but I try to sing loud in church, does that count?

No hot water.................(Editor's note: I don't think he's had hot water in 16 months!!)

I'll try to send pics today, I think I brought my camera cord.... But the weeks' been good, sounds like home is good. Halloween isn't really a thing out here so it is past and gone. Thanks for the packages! I should get them tomorrow I think. And for the Christmas one, I don't know, drink crystals and jerky. dental floss would be nice. Nothing really comes to mind.

The week's been good. Is it a rule back home that to be in the church building there has to be at least one Melchizedek priesthood holder? It's a rule here, but I never heard it back home.

I burned my oatmeal a couple days ago...

We've struggled a lot with anti-Mormon material lately. Which is weird. The past 6 months here in MoBay have been great, but over the past week and a half we've lost our entire teaching pool to laziness and anti stuff. It's ridiculous. We've literally spent the past 3 days straight tracting. Calling at gates and stopping people, all day long, every day. I've never tracted this much, I've never struggled to get lessons! I'm not complaining, I'm still doing missionary work so I really don't mind. What else am I going to do? But I feel bad for the next Elder. Over the past 2 weeks we've found 60 new people to teach so I'm excited to hear about what goes on for them. But it's been rough. I think that really is the hardest part of missionary work. I really do hate how much I care about these people. It's upsetting. All I want is what's best for these people, and they don't give it a chance. I'm not the only one to feel this, so I don't let it get me down. I'm sure if I'm this upset, I can only imagine how upset Heavenly Father gets. But, it's a struggle. The struggle is real.

It's been flipping sunny this week.

Otherwise, we're still going. Just lots and lots of tracting. I pray that all of these people accept the gospel someday. I'm looking forward to Kingston though. That's going to be interesting. I have zero ideas what to expect.

Elder Zeck