Monday, October 5, 2015

Zone Meeting and Conference Weekend

I was just reminded today, so kindly by an Elder in Negril, that in like, two weeks, I'll have 9 months left... THAT'S SINGLE DIGITS.. I'm not dwelling on it, but how lame is that? If I get my 6 month extension, I'll have 15, so I'm just going to say I've got 15 months left...

But hi!
Conference was good. President Monson is struggling. Hopefully he's alright. Talks were good. President Uchtdorf's first talk was great. Elder Maxwell gave a good talk. The "What Lack I Yet" talk was super good too. Priesthood session was probably my favourite. 

But I'm good. Week was good. Lots of stuff going on. 

It was General Conference and Zone Meeting so we were busy all week. Getting stuff prepared to teach. Zone meeting went great, I really enjoyed it anyway. Focused a lot on teaching skills and meeting the standards of excellence, which means baptising weekly and stuff. Nobody gets it, we're hoping to get it and exceed it in November, I won't be here probably, but that's unimportant. 

So I started off the meeting teaching about the Liahona, and what it did for the Lehites. led them to more fertile parts, responded to their faith and diligence, helped them eventually reach the promised land. I likened that to our zone, how we don't have a Liahona, but we have the Holy Ghost, and the writings on the ball are kind of like the revelations we receive that we put in our planners. And if we're worthy, we'll get good revelation, and if we're not, we're left to our own devices. And we talked about how God always wanted his people to reach the promised land, the only thing that ever stopped them was themselves, and we counselled as a zone how we are going to be good Mormons and reach the promised land (baptising weekly) and I thought it went really well.

My teaching segment was more of a motivational speech to get people hyped up to do better, I think it worked. I felt the spirit, so I'm satisfied. I love teaching! The rest of the meeting was all about our teaching skills, how we can be better teachers. That's essentially what Preach My Gospel is for. It's just how to be a good teacher. Gospel aside, it's a great manual for developing good people and teaching skills.

It's been raining a lot, that's another cool piece of news.

That's pretty cool to hear, with Jordan and his choir stuff. I wish I started choir younger, I'd probably be a less bad singer by now. While you wait for him you could try to finish the Standard Works before I do!

This next week should be good, more time to proselyte, have a meeting in Kingston on Thursday. Probably go to Ochi today to help a new Elder get a new bicycle because the one he got is too small. Do I have money in my account? Other wise though, nothing crazy, we might have a baptism this Sunday, not actually sure yet. You'll find out next Monday I suppose. We'll be having one or two this month which is exciting!

Elder Zeck

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