Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Working Hard and Miracles

The week was pretty good!

We've been dropped by pretty much all of our progressing investigators due to lack of faith/ anti-mormon crap. But I suppose that's life. So we hit the dirt, found like, 33 new people to teach which was a miracle. Lots of prayers this week, I don't know if I've relied on the Lord this much ever! But it was great. I was on a trade off in Sav for a couple days, so I got to work with some different Elders. It's always a good experience to see how others do things, I always learn a ton!

This coming week is pretty much all proselyting thankfully. Zone meeting is on Wednesday, I get to teach on the Sabbath and how to make it a delight and such. I'm pretty excited for it! I love teaching. Preparing something that might change the work or viewpoint of the missionaries, it's pretty great.

I'm good though, might pull out a little money to buy a speaker, but that's undetermined. Just lots of work, lots of finding this week, lots of gate calls and street contacts. Lots of rejections, lots of success!

Nothing too crazy. I'm really really tired today so my email's probably kinda boring. I'm hungry. We have great people we're working with.

Any word on any of my RM friends?

Elder Zeck

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