Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Working Hard and Miracles

The week was pretty good!

We've been dropped by pretty much all of our progressing investigators due to lack of faith/ anti-mormon crap. But I suppose that's life. So we hit the dirt, found like, 33 new people to teach which was a miracle. Lots of prayers this week, I don't know if I've relied on the Lord this much ever! But it was great. I was on a trade off in Sav for a couple days, so I got to work with some different Elders. It's always a good experience to see how others do things, I always learn a ton!

This coming week is pretty much all proselyting thankfully. Zone meeting is on Wednesday, I get to teach on the Sabbath and how to make it a delight and such. I'm pretty excited for it! I love teaching. Preparing something that might change the work or viewpoint of the missionaries, it's pretty great.

I'm good though, might pull out a little money to buy a speaker, but that's undetermined. Just lots of work, lots of finding this week, lots of gate calls and street contacts. Lots of rejections, lots of success!

Nothing too crazy. I'm really really tired today so my email's probably kinda boring. I'm hungry. We have great people we're working with.

Any word on any of my RM friends?

Elder Zeck

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stolen Bikes But Not Stolen????

It was national Heroes day. Weird to think that I remember LAST National Heroes day. Went pretty quick.

The week was pretty crazy. Didn't get much important stuff done unfortunately. Lots of weird troubles. An Elder had his bike stolen, so that was an issue. I was going to help him buy a new one but then he got it back. Then MY bike got stolen, which was kinda funny, because it's a piece of garbage that isn't working right now. But then later in the week as well, some kid came to our house and told us his uncle stole my bike and stripped it and sprayed it green and stuff, and that he was going to call the cops but his uncle was going to beat him or something. I don't even know. Then his uncle walks by and calls us over and tells us the kid took my bike and he's willing to bring it back or whatever so he doesn't get in trouble. And so we have to wait for him to put my bike back together and bring ti back and now it's green haha. And while we were waiting the kid kept talking about how much he wants a phone and how his uncle sent him back to get a reward. I don't know. I think they were just trying to scam us. Didn't work though! So yeah, that was an event.

We also had DLT on Tuesday, the big district leader training meeting that happens twice a year. It's funny because I was at the one in February learning to be a District Leader, and now I'm at this one as a Zone Leader, teaching other missionaries how to be a district leader. Just kind of a cool thought. Elder Lafayette and I taught on Follow Up Calls, and it was really good I thought. I learned stuff, we were pretty much on time with our presentation, which usually no one is. We make a big deal of only using our allotted 45 minutes, not taking 2 hours like some people do. The meeting still went 2 and a half hours over. But yeah that was good. Then we did a trade off in Port Antonio, which was also good. Made the 4.5 hour drive all the way back home on Thursday. Just a crazy week, didn't teach much. Had some ups and downs with our investigators.

We had an issue with someone we're working with, her friends told her that our church sacrifices people. I thought it was kinda funny, but then I realized she was actually bothered by that. The things that are spread around about our church are so ridiculous. I'm sure I could write better anti-Mormon material than the stuff we usually hear. Everyone thinks we're a cult here. Or CIA. Which is funny too. But we sat down and cleared it up for her. I just get upset to hear that a lot of this anti-Mormon stuff is spread around and taught INSIDE other churches. Pastors bash on us all the time with falsehoods, and they teach it to their congregations, and then they teach their congregations how to bash on us. That's one thing I love about our church, we would never publish or teach anything as a church that diminishes someone else's faith. I was even looking at a Jehovah's Witness booklet the other day and it had a testimonial of a guy where he was talking about why he didn't feel the Catholic Church could be true. And all his points were spot on, but there's something slimy about putting that in a worldwide publication. Just my thoughts.

Justin Trudeau is Liberal right? Is that bad?

Nah I'm not stressed about going home. I appreciate the sense of urgency I get sometimes when I think about it, I completely plan on being satisfied when my 2 years are up, so I don't go crazy my last week like some Elders do. It's funny to watch, but I don't want to be that guy. I don't think it would be fair of me to wish I had more than I signed up for. However, an extension would be rad. I haven't asked for one though.

I'm just glad I still have infinity months left on my mission.

I'll see what I can do for pictures.

Anything else crazy going on back home? It's weird I have friends at home now.

Other wise, week's good. I have a new favorite scripture

Hebrews 12:2

Tell everyone you see in the next week I say hi and to write me more often because I've pretty much lost all contact with all girls I used to write, so I need void fillers

But yeah, hope the week's good!

Elder Zeck

Zone boundaries for Jamaica Kingston Mission:
Kingston, Spanish Town, North Coast (covers Savannah la Mar to Port Antonio), Mandeville, and Off Island..

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Week in the Life.....


Sounds like the eventful week. I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving. So happy thanksgiving I guess!?

But yeah, week's been good. Pretty busy. An investigator of ours was supposed to be baptized but she still needs a little time. She's having a hard time understanding the Godhead, which is kind of a cultural thing out here. I firmly believe that if our church got to Jamaica sooner, we'd have a much heavier sway in the religious world out here, but it seems like everybody is 7th Day, or some other church. Nobody really understands who God is, and it's a shame, and it makes our job really hard, because what we teach is not culturally accepted. So we're helping her out with that, and her reading.

Overall a pretty normal week actually. President came to Elder Bennett's district meeting on Wednesday, which went really well. Then we drove to Ochi to trade vehicles with the sisters, stayed the night with the Elders there, drove to Kingston the next morning for a meeting with the other zone leaders and sister training leaders, drove back to Ochi that night, stayed the night, drove to Sav the next morning to drop off a fan for a trainee, and didn't get back to our house until about 12:30! Lots of driving. Lots of listening to General Conference talks from like, 2008 or something. Whenever Thomas S Monson became a prophet.

Saturday, did a trade off so I was on foot in the sun all day. Forgot what that's like! My calves still hurt, but I enjoyed it. I love the truck and all, but I do miss the bicycle.

Not a whole lot to report this week, Just work as usual. I've been talking about it for over a year now, so you can pretty much guess how my next 10 months will be. Pretty much the same. But I do love it! I love the Spirit that's felt while teaching, and studying. I've learned lots about the scriptures, and about so many great people! As my mission is kind of facing the down hill though I can't help but think about what's next. I still don't really have a good idea of a career. The missionary in me just says to try CES or something, because then I'd hopefully never lose these things. I don't know if that's a good idea though.. I don't really know anything as a matter of fact. But for now I'm pretty content with just proselyting! It's all good, I hope all continues to be well at home!

Elder Zeck

Monday, October 5, 2015

Zone Meeting and Conference Weekend

I was just reminded today, so kindly by an Elder in Negril, that in like, two weeks, I'll have 9 months left... THAT'S SINGLE DIGITS.. I'm not dwelling on it, but how lame is that? If I get my 6 month extension, I'll have 15, so I'm just going to say I've got 15 months left...

But hi!
Conference was good. President Monson is struggling. Hopefully he's alright. Talks were good. President Uchtdorf's first talk was great. Elder Maxwell gave a good talk. The "What Lack I Yet" talk was super good too. Priesthood session was probably my favourite. 

But I'm good. Week was good. Lots of stuff going on. 

It was General Conference and Zone Meeting so we were busy all week. Getting stuff prepared to teach. Zone meeting went great, I really enjoyed it anyway. Focused a lot on teaching skills and meeting the standards of excellence, which means baptising weekly and stuff. Nobody gets it, we're hoping to get it and exceed it in November, I won't be here probably, but that's unimportant. 

So I started off the meeting teaching about the Liahona, and what it did for the Lehites. led them to more fertile parts, responded to their faith and diligence, helped them eventually reach the promised land. I likened that to our zone, how we don't have a Liahona, but we have the Holy Ghost, and the writings on the ball are kind of like the revelations we receive that we put in our planners. And if we're worthy, we'll get good revelation, and if we're not, we're left to our own devices. And we talked about how God always wanted his people to reach the promised land, the only thing that ever stopped them was themselves, and we counselled as a zone how we are going to be good Mormons and reach the promised land (baptising weekly) and I thought it went really well.

My teaching segment was more of a motivational speech to get people hyped up to do better, I think it worked. I felt the spirit, so I'm satisfied. I love teaching! The rest of the meeting was all about our teaching skills, how we can be better teachers. That's essentially what Preach My Gospel is for. It's just how to be a good teacher. Gospel aside, it's a great manual for developing good people and teaching skills.

It's been raining a lot, that's another cool piece of news.

That's pretty cool to hear, with Jordan and his choir stuff. I wish I started choir younger, I'd probably be a less bad singer by now. While you wait for him you could try to finish the Standard Works before I do!

This next week should be good, more time to proselyte, have a meeting in Kingston on Thursday. Probably go to Ochi today to help a new Elder get a new bicycle because the one he got is too small. Do I have money in my account? Other wise though, nothing crazy, we might have a baptism this Sunday, not actually sure yet. You'll find out next Monday I suppose. We'll be having one or two this month which is exciting!

Elder Zeck