Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfer Week Activities

Things are going well though. My shoes are fine although I'm almost out of polish. I'm pretty good at stealing other missionary's polish, being their zone leader. It's about as much unrighteous dominion as I can seem to muster. The week's been crazy though. Long, but good. 

Monday, did a lot of cleaning making room for the new trainee. Nothing's worse than coming to a dirty house on the first day. I would know all about that. Wasn't a fan. So we wanted to make sure he was coming into a nice clean house, where he wouldn't feel homesick or disgusted, like how my first house made me feel. So that was a success. Mopped a ton. Scrubbed some bathroom. Lots of fun! 

Then Tuesday, got up at 4:30 to drive to Sav and to Spanish Town to go to Trainers Meeting. I unfortunately was not invited to trainers meeting this time :( I did however get to stay in Sav and go out with Elders Spendlove and Bischoff. Two trainees. And that was great, I do love missionary work! Got to see how they're improving and they're both doing great. Also got to do a baptismal interview while I was there. Love those! 

Then Wednesday we got a normal proselyting day which was nice, or so we thought. Turns out some emergency mail for Elder Layton, who was going home that day, arrived. So we had to rush out to Sav again and drop off a bunch of stuff for him. Got back, had a few lessons, did some street contacting. The usual. Had a really spiritual lesson with a man about the Restoration. Honestly one of the best lessons I've ever taught. Companionship unity is so important. We nailed it! 

Thursday was transfers, so got up early again, drove probably 550 kilometers the whole day. Pretty crazy. But transfers was great. As a zone leader, people know your name, so I always make a ton of new friends at the transfer meetings because I already feel like I know everyone anyway. I really have learned to love being a zone leader. It's too bad that's probably over this transfer. Ah well. C'est la vie. But transfers was great. Saw a lot of people. Elder Bennett is coming back to MoBay with Elder Larson. He's a pretty prepared new missionary, I'm very impressed by him. He's already getting comfortable with the house and the work and it's been less than a week. Took me like... 10 weeks... Whoops.

Then the weekend as usual was pretty good, no complaints really. Just teaching and stuff. We're really trying hard to get 6 baptisms in November. I won't be here, not that it matters. But we're really shooting to baptize weekly through November and December in this area. It's a huge desire of mine to go a whole month baptizing weekly. I feel like I've finally hit a point in my mission where I kinda know what I'm doing. I'm not that good at it. But I know what I'm doing, and I can finally work with a goal in mind. I know where I lack and I know what I need to do to succeed. 

This Sunday we had like, 5 people at church, we've got 4 on date. One of our investigators came up and bore testimony, she's so excited for baptism! We've got a few other people who love the church and are excited to continue to come. It was just a very fulfilling Sunday. Lots to do, lots going on. We're just trying to do as much as we can. I wish I had all this knowledge 14 months ago. I would've been so much more effective. I spent a long time being kinda useless. I hope it's because I didn't know better.

I should have many more videos coming. I've slacked on the pictures and videos in MoBay. Just, it's hard for me to remember. Besides, I can't take these pictures into heaven anyway. I've no urgency behind it. But I'll do more or something.

That's awesome Jordan's planning on going on a mission right away. I think it's the best choice for him. I just hope he goes a little after I get home so I can see him, and I feel like I might have a tip or two for him. I can help him so he prepares better than I did, which was zero percent. 

Tell Jeff I say hi.

What's the trick for matching shoes to my outfit. I have these brown shoes and I don't know what the rule is for shoes. Do they just have to match the belt? So confusing. I've worn black shoes my whole life.

Also if you could send socks that match my pants, like some grey and brown ones, that'd be cool. I suppose it's a white handbook rule to have socks that match the pants. Nobody lives it, but I suppose it's in there for a reason. Just a thought. I don't really need anything else other than maybe money to buy presents for everyone. I'm going to actually try and send something home for Christmas. I've accumulated presents over the past while for everybody. I just haven't wanted to send them. I don't want to take them in my suitcase, but I also don't want to mail them in case stuff gets stolen. So we'll see.

Anyway, long email. Nothing too crazy this week. Just working with some incredible people. It's all about humility. 

Elder Zeck

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