Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Must Be a Busy P-Day......

I don't have much time today so it's gonna be pretty lame, sorry.
but sounds like things are going good! I think it's kinda funny that I leave, and suddenly there's a lot more stories about travelling. Did I cost that much money?
Any way, sounds good.

Nothing cool to report, but I'll try to have pics or something for next week. Things are good though, super hot, a little more rainy but not really.

Time just keeps going faster, can't believe the transfer is already almost over. Working with a guy, trying to help him quit drinking.

Cool, have a good week!

Elder Zeck

Later in the day we got this.......

Hey I got a few extra minutes!

I won't add much. But yeah, week's been good. We had MLC this week, which is the big mission leadership meeting with all the zone leaders and stuff, and we discuss the mission and what's going good and bad and how to fix stuff. Super cool! I really enjoyed it, there was a lot discussed. I guess there's a deficiency in the teaching skills department in our mission. By the end of December our mission will be 70% green, whatever that means. So we're really pushing to have the mission up to par on our doctrines and stuff.

We had a super cool experience in a first lesson with a guy the other night. We hadn't talked to him in weeks and we finally got a hold of him, and we sat down for 20 minutes, but within those 20 minutes we were able to get him to understand our purpose, and he just opened up. Super prepared for the message, I just hope we can help act on all that. But we were able to commit him to quit drinking on that first lesson, and he was just super into it, and it all made sense, and the spirit was super strong, and it was obvious that he wanted it. I guess it's just a cool reminder that if people aren't feeling the spirit in their life, then they won't do anything, but once we feel it, God quickens our minds and our hearts and we are able to more fully grasp onto things that are good for us!

But yeah, it's gonna be a busy week this week. We're going to Sav on a trade off, so that'll be fun. Elder Lafayette is a learners so I'm kinda teaching him to drive.. I now understand why dad and you were so jumpy in the car. Sorry about that! haha

But yeah,

Elder Zeck

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