Monday, August 24, 2015

Busy Week / Mission Stories

Week's been good! Very long. Just lots of work. I haven't had a free moment. So no pictures this week. But lots of good work.

We had a weird experience with one of our investigators. He was super excited to be baptized and stuff, but then we found out it was because he's Roman catholic, and they get baptised when they're babies, because they have this terrible belief that an innocent child could go to Hell for their non-existent sins. Talk about APOSTASY! But he wanted the experience of being baptised again, but only for the experience. He wants to remember it. So like... It's a nice thought! but it's also a dumb thought. Because he was probably going to end up back at his Roman Catholic congregation, which is cool for Terrestrial beings. So we're working on that. He also refuses to pray, but he loves the Book of Mormon. Some people confuse me. I love him a ton! He's one of my favorite investigators right now because he's intelligent, and he's very dignified to some extents, but man it's just impossible to get it through to him. It kinda sucks loving people. So that's a work in progress.

Broke my 6th watch last week. Whoops. I don't know what my problem is with breaking stuff out here. I broke a blender, I broke 6 watches, I broke a table, I broke a chair, amongst other various odds and ends around the house. I've broken my bicycle many many many times. I even broke a tie once, because my bike was broken. So we took a tie, and tied it to my handle bars, and then tied the other end to Elder Sinea's bike, and he towed me all the way to a bike store, but the tie snapped a couple minutes away from the shop. That was a funny story. But yeah, if you could mail me a cool super cheapo walmart watch that would be cool. I know I've been out for almost a year, so you've probably mostly stopped caring about me, but if you ever send more packages just beef jerky, juice crystals and like.. Mostly letters and pictures, that would all be cool. I just got your package by the way, thanks! It's much appreciated. Also a Kendama. It's a nice stress reliever, catching a ball on a wooden hammer. Elder Smith has one so sometimes I sit on my bed and play with it. But yeah, thanks a ton for the package! Beef Jerky and Nutella are golden commodities! Also thanks for the talk!!! The fact you found it is a miracle, did you read it? It's debatably my favorite talk of all time, and for some reason it's impossible to find. We watched it in the MTC and most missionaries regret falling asleep in it, because it's so fantastic. So yeah. Thanks

Did I tell you the story about D? I can't remember?

Otherwise stuff's good. There are 5 trainees in our zone. Lots of newbies who will remember my name forever, because that's what being a Zone Leader is all about! But it's cool, I get to play some sort of small role in the development of these new missionaries. Making lots of friends, having lots of fun, and teaching lots.

We had Zone Conference this week, Elder Martinez came and spoke. Super good.

Hope the week's good!

Elder Zeck

He added later on........

The Nutella snacks were great! The only issue is that because they were in snack form, I ate them all in one sitting. All during my Personal Study the next morning actually...

The investigator who's confused about getting dunked. We gave him a President Monson talk, called To Learn, To Do, To Be.. Or something like that. we're hoping the whole modern day prophet thing will help make it a little more real. Because no other church that I can think of has a foundation of Prophets and Apostles. Either our church is true, or the Restoration hasn't actually happened yet. No other way.

But D, probably one of my favorite mission stories, but I just realized I don't think I emailed this home!

So, Elder Jernigan and I were going to an investigators house, he lives about a 30 minute drive away, so when we got there and found he wouldn't be home for another hour, we were pretty upset. So we decided to walk back out to the car and start making calls in the back of the truck, with the intent that maybe someone will walk by and ask us who we are, or we can call out to someone. Well, a guy walks up to us. His name is Desmond. I actually have some recordings of him singing his original music, I'll have to find it and send it someday. But he's talking to us about God and tells us he used to have a Book of Mormon, but got water damaged and he wanted a new one. So we gave him one, and learned that he was taught in the past but he's never really thought about it since. The spirit was there, so we just dived right in to the important stuff. Elder Jernigan said, "Well, we're Mormon Elders with the authority from God to baptize, would you like to be baptized?" And Desmond thought for a second, and said, "Yeah, I would like to be baptized." Elder Jernigan asked what he needed to do so he could be worthy of baptism. He thought about it again and said he needed to stop smoking weed. So I held out my hand and said, "Alright, if you truly want to quit we'll help you. All the weed you have on you right now, put it in my hand, and you can quit tonight." And Elder Jernigan and I kinda laughed a bit because it seemed a little ridiculous. But then I feel a small weight in my hand. It's his spliff. Kind of surprised, I ask, "is that all?" "No" and he put a couple dried weed leaves in my hand. "Is that all?" "No" and he put a couple more weed leaves in my hand. "Is that all?" "No" and he reached into his other pocket and put a bunch of spliff paper in my hand. I ask, "Is that all?" "No" and he puts his lighter in my hand, and he says, "That's it, I've given you everything." That was honestly one of my favorite experiences on my mission. In the moment, we were a part of something potentially pretty huge for this guy. He wanted to change so much, he decided to do it then. I don't know how long it lasted because he moved to the Bahamas, but it's a good lesson I think. How often can we say to God, when he asks us to give up something for him, "That's it, I've given you everything" As a missionary, it's something I want to be able to say every day. Just a cool experience.

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