Monday, August 31, 2015

On a Rock in the Middle of a Puddle


So the week was good.

Sounds like stuff back home's going good. I keep having these weird realizations that I'm on a rock in the middle of a puddle. Pretty weird. How often do you realize I'm in JAMAICA!? Pretty weird. How I'm here, and everyone else is home. But it sounds like life goes on pretty normal without me, so that's good I guess.

Comp stuff's good. We're getting along really well. The first week was a little shaky, obviously we come from very different cultures with very different views on how the work should be done. But we've worked it out. That's one of the very few things I'm good at, working things out. I haven't served around anybody that I haven't gotten along with, so plus 1 for me I guess. He's been in the church his whole life. His family sounds pretty cool. He's got a lot of family support, and a lot of nice ties. 

I asked him how much eating out costs......
And when I go out to eat it usually ranges from like, 100 Jamaican dollars if I'm feeling pretty ghetto, to maybe like, 300 to 500 if I'm feeling less ghetto, but if I go American then usually more like 500 to 900. I could survive off dumpling and rice for like, 1000 a week if I wanted, but I don't want that. Why?

That's great to hear about Jared! I really do include him in my prayers all the time. More so as he gets older and older. It's just always nice to know that everybody's got a place somewhere. I really want Jared to find his place. Has he ever mentioned or blinked at the thought of a mission? I know a stereotypical mission might not be in the picture. But does he understand why we serve missions and things like that? I know people with challenges like his that do temple missions or service missions, all from home.

But, week's been good. Kinda slow. Starting to rain. I've been teaching Elder Lafayette to drive and stuff. That's been fun. I'm glad I'm not a crappy driver. Taught some pretty interesting lessons. We were challenged at Zone Conference to use the Spirit of Elijah in our teaching and missionary work, so in a first lesson with a lady we taught her about the temple and eternal families and work for the dead and family history work and stuff. And we both felt really strongly that this would work, before we went into the lesson. And as we got closer to the lesson, it wasn't a good day, we were just kinda praying for the minutes to go by faster so we could go to bed, even though it was only 3. But we sit down, and start teaching, and I don't think I've ever in the past 6 months I've been in Jamaica, felt what we call the Spirit of Elijah. You know, the hearts turning to our ancestors kinda thing. But it was a powerful experience. She asked about her grandmother, who she knew wasn't Christian, what would happen to her, and we explained that in the temple she could get baptized for her and whatnot. Just a cool experience, very rewarding. We're going to have another lesson with her tomorrow I believe.
Normal week, just going along, trying to work as hard as I know how, which is changing every day. I hope all keeps going well at home!

Elder Zeck

Editor's Note: I sent James these pics from an accident his dad has this weekend and his response was the following:

Dad looks like a crack addict in those pictures. Like he got in a fight over a meth lab or something. I've realized on my mission he kinda looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad, or Homer Simpson, but less yellow. I'm already looking forward to probably looking like that too.

I miss that sense of humor..........

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