Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fun P-day

Editor's note: We got a short, late email today but it sounds well worth it.

So we just got back, it was pretty fun. Played beach volley ball pretty much the whole time. I'm not awful at this sport so I found I could enjoy it and not be a total embarrassment. So that was cool. Then I got a super over priced resort meal!

So I don't have a ton of time, but it sounds like everything at home is going really well. Glad to hear things are still moving along. I'm sure your trip will be fun.

Not much to report this week, taught a ton, have 5 on date, 3 were at church working towards to baptism which is awesome. I love the branch here, it's going to be one of my favorite areas.

One of them that came to church is super stoked to keep coming, she wouldn't stop saying that it felt like home, and she was crying and everything. Super cool. Her 6 year old daughter is really fellowshipped in the primary as well which is awesome, her daughter's half white, so she gets bullied at school and stuff sometimes, so her mother is glad that church is a safe environment.

My favorite part about being a missionary is just the chances I get to watch the gospel change people's lives. In this country, every meaningful baptism is a miracle. And I'm helping a few people feel of these miracles, it's pretty cool. I find that black people in general are incredibly accepting of messages about God. Look here, or in southern states, or in Africa, where religion is booming. If Mormons were in Jamaica way earlier, we'd have the whole island, but because other religions came in with the slave owners and stuff, there's a ton of false stuff floating around. billions of churches with good parts, but not all the good parts. Christ's church was not here, until we got here. So now, trying to change these traditions that have existed for a long long long time, is near impossible. So when it happens, that's pretty cool.

Sorry it's short, but thanks again for the email!

Elder Zeck

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