Monday, August 17, 2015

First Week with a New Companion and the Adventure of Transfers

First week's been good, lots of hard work, lots of finding, a little bit of teaching. We're working with some pretty great people so now we're just trying to find more pretty great people to keep working with. Elder Lafayette's from Kingston. Transfers was good, pretty hectic but it was good. Everyone got where they needed to be. We drove pretty close to 1000 kilometers between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning, when we got home. Pretty crazy but fun.

This week's been good. Just lots of logistically confusing days, driving people around. Monday was good, just finished our preparations for the week. Tuesday we got up at 4AM to start driving Elders around so we could be in Kingston with 3 other Elders for trainers meeting at 10AM. I was invited to role play a situation with a trainee, in helping them learn and stuff. That was cool. I loved training. That went from like, 10 to 3, and then we spent like 5 hours driving everyone home. Then the next morning we got up at 6:30, regular time! And then we had to leave at 7 to drive for another 6 hours to pick up more elders for transfers, got to transfers at 3. Barely made it. There were like, 15 new Elders in! Which is crazy, but cool. Most of the mission is going to be green in the next 3 months. I'm only 13 months out and I'm already an old missionary. Drove everybody home, had to stay the night in Negril because it was too late. Finally got home on Thursday morning. So crazy. But good, I like having responsibility I suppose. 

Nothing too crazy this week. Still just going along, trying to work as hard as I can! Because I can't really do anything less. Wicked tired, as usual. Zone conference is next week. I think when I get home to Canada, I'm just going to spend my first 24 hours sleeping. That sounds great right about now. Also eating Mexican food. That'd be nice.

So yeah, things are great. It's nice to hear things at home are going well as well. I hope it keeps it up!

Elder Zeck

Picture of the front of our house

Last District Pic

I'm sure you've never seen a sunset before, so here's a picture of one

This is my posterity photo!
Me (Grandpa Zeck)
My son, (Father Palmer)
And my grandson (Elder Dawson) I think his name's Dawson. So that's cool

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