Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretty Great Zone

Week was good! I've set a goal this transfer to be more humble, and to find more energy and happiness in the work through said humility. It's working.

We had to go to Savanna La Mar this week for a trade off. That was pretty cool. We also went back to Ocho Rios to do a baptismal interview for a guy who used to be Rasta. I guess he didn't show up to the baptism on Sunday, but he still came to church. Hopefully that all works out. Unfortunately that means we'll have to drive back eventually to re-interview him. But it's all good. Going to Sav was fun, I went to Elder Koegler's old area for the day. There's a lot of nice places. Our zone covers half the island, so there's enough space for diversity. Some super wealthy areas are in our area, but the people there are too happy to want the gospel. Driving is kinda stupid. But I'll deal with it. Still no hot water, but that's good. I hate hot water.

Our zone's pretty great for the most part, nothing too crazy goes on. For the most part it's a bunch of missionaries who are far better than I am, so I learn a lot more than I teach, which is good. Dealing with sisters is weird. There's 11 companionships, 2 are sister tripanionships. I had to relearn how to work with Sisters, but for the most part they're all way cool so no complaints.

Before I forget to ask, you should totally send me a kendama in my next package. One from Japan! good luck

Well, we're preparing for zone conference next week, that'll be fun. I don't have to teach. Every quarter I get a month off. But we're singing Savior Redeemer of my Soul or whatever it's called as a musical number. We were going to do the Vocal Point version of Nearer My God To Thee, but it's too high. You should listen to it and tell me how high it is. It's pretty high.

I bought marshmallows last week to treat myself and the ants got at it before I could have more than a dozen, and they demolished the bag. So.... I might try again today.

We've been finding a ton, like a lot. We've had 20+ potential investigators every week so far. So 3 weeks.. But it's great, I love street contacting, it's my favorite thing to do! Other than teaching of course. I've found the secret to a happy mission is enjoying street contacting. That's really it. Once I learned to love finding, I've had pretty much all good days.

We've been getting lots of street cred lately, unfortunately that's not measured by the mission so no one will know. But we go through a lot of ghettos and sometimes a bunch of smokers and jokers will be on the side. So we give out a bunch of pass along cards and try to make them laugh and not want to shoot us, and it's worked 9/10 times. Most places have respect for us now because we're not a bunch of weirdos. And they remember our names and stuff.

Gave one investigator a bible marked up with references to how to discover the true church, he was pretty excited to get that. Really nice guy. I can honestly say though, and this might sound awful, but I've taught probably 8 people, where if their parents and/or spouse were supportive, the individual would've been baptized. It's a classic tale.

Learned about supererogation which is kinda weird. Being so holy you can like, save other people with your saint-points. Which is weird because then that kinda makes a mockery of the Atonement. 

Created a pretty good study plan to finish the standard works before I die, and I've planned a good comprehensive study of the Book of Mormon which will pretty much take up the whole last year of my mission, so that'll be cool. Only a missionary could get this excited.

If you could find a chart or picture or something to send me that was a map of Book of Mormon events, that'd be way cool. Also a time line of Book of Mormon events, that'd be great too! I don't really want to take the time to make them, because I know they exist somewhere.

Cool, hope the week's good!

Elder Zeck

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