Monday, June 8, 2015

I Don't Understand How One Gets Tired of Air Conditioning (His Mom Says)

Yeah the zone is big, I hope I'm not a zone leader for long. I like it, but I'd rather just be a normal missionary. I don't like driving in this country. And we don't teach much because we're always doing stuff, but I still enjoy it. I'll just deal with it. We get to see a lot of the island, because North Coast is a huge zone, so that's a plus. We get A/C too, but, I like the bike.

I didn't get grandma's package, no.

The Bednar talk is an MTC address I think.

So this week was pretty cool. Just tons of street contacting, looking for people who will take this whole message thing seriously. It's tough, but I actually enjoy it. Street contacting is one of my favorite things to do! Maybe I just like being a little obnoxious and imposing on people's days, but I enjoy just talking to random people and sharing the gospel with them.

Elder Jernigan and I have been trying to perfect our lesson planning, trying to help our investigators learn better. We've been finding a few people who seem interested, and now we want to really get down how we can best help them to see the importance of the message. Sharing the Restoration with people is always a cool experience because immediately, people shut off, or get kinda nervous because we're talking about prophets, and more scripture, and how some white guy from New York saw God and brought forth new scriptures. And people usually get kinda defensive, so we're trying to figure out how to teach it best, without scaring people. We usually just try to hit it all home with a lot of scriptures, because there's proof of all of it, even in the Bible. It's cool, I've been able to study the scriptures enough now to pretty confidently say that there's not a chance that this isn't the true church. The Bible proves our message. The Book of Mormon proves our message. It's just neat that I've had this chance to really get to know the scriptures in this kind of way. Who would've thought that studying the scriptures every day would help me grow?! That's been a huge lesson too. I used to read the scriptures, but I never knew how to study. Big difference.

We went to Ocho Rios for a trade off and a district meeting in Port Antonio, so that was a lot of driving, but it was fun. Then we had Missionary Leadership Council on Thursday where the zone leaders and others in some sort of leadership position come together and have a meeting type thing. There wasn't much counselling but I learned a lot. It was neat. I loved being a district leader, and training. I'd gladly just do that for the rest of my mission. I'm pretty tired of the air conditioning in the truck to be honest. But the meeting was good, and I love this chance I get to work with so many Elders and Sisters, and help them fulfill their calling! I wouldn't rather do anything else. Elder Jernigan's a really smart guy too, I find I learn very specific things from every one I serve with. Elder Jernigan and I are going to get along real well. We're both into the whole apocrypha thing and we both have a theories and insights on the gospel. It's just gonna be good.

No investigators at church unfortunately, but such is the life of a missionary. We were out of town most the week, and we didn't get our goal of 21 potential investigators. We got 18 though, we taught 7 lessons. For being gone for like, 3 days, I'd say it wasn't that bad.

The week was good, just trying to do better. I've started doing something kind of silly, I like to call it, "Continuous Personal Progression" Something I've studied on for a while. Just the idea that our exaltation to a degree will depend on how much we choose to grow and learn in this life, so I keep a notebook, and a list, of things I want to learn and do and improve on, so I'm constantly progressing. I like it.

Any way, thanks for the letter! I appreciate it. I hope everyone at home is doing good. I'm not getting fat, so all is good here. Just getting through it.

Elder Zeck

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