Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More Teaching This Week


Week was good. Did a lot of work, almost taught 20 lessons, but not quite there. We've pretty much only taught first lessons for the past 4 weeks, which is pretty boring. But it's because we couldn't teach anyone who was remotely serious about the message. Luckily, after this week we have about 6 or 7 people that seem to be genuinely interested, so we'll see how that goes!

Nothing super exciting this week. Zone conference was this week, and myself with some other elders sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul. I thought I did good. There were a few tone deaf elders in the group. 

I started compiling a list of reasons why this mission was perfect for me and it's a pretty long list. I just think it's funny how many things I said and did pointed me toward this mission. I remember specifically saying that I needed a mission that spoke English, but I wanted something culturally different. I wanted to go somewhere warm. I wanted to go somewhere where our church was lesser known, but where religion was widely accepted. And I wanted good food, and good missionaries. This mission fits every single requirement to the T! I think it's interesting how the Lord does bless us with the things we desire. However, when the Lord gives us things we don't desire, it just means we need to change our desires. But it matched up. I also realized in 8th grade I decided my new favorite word was vex, which isn't a common word in Canada. But down here, people are, "vexed" with everything. I thought that was funny.

MoBay is pretty cool actually,  Portmore is still the hottest place on the island. And had the most mosquitoes, i haven't had mosquito problems for a while now. A little more humid, but that's cause it's always cloudy and rainy. People are freaking out over hurricanes just because we haven't had one in forever and it's kinda windy. I don't think one will come. But I forgot my weather balloon at home so I won't know for sure. 

Talked to some white people yesterday at church. Cool guys from Utah. There was a family at church on Mothers Day when I gave a talk, the lady said she would call you, but maybe she was joking. 

There's still a good amount of ghetto, we cover some pretty rough and sketchy areas. There's a lot of like, voodoo weird stuff here. More so than I say in Spanish Town. But Spanish Town was probably more violent. Some guy tried to give me his ring that had a demon in it, and then when I offered to buy it off him he changed his mind and said I couldn't handle it.

Driving is good, I'm accustomed to it, it wasn't a hard transition. However, the other drivers freak me out. I drive fine, the other people drive fast. Speed limits don't really matter here, which I think is kinda fun. But at night, everyone drives with their brights on, and that's really annoying. But oh well. I deal with it. 

The branch is good though. It's only a branch, but the members are solid for the most part. Just not enough of them. But we're working on that, obviously.

There's like, 2 singers in the whole zone, so I don't need more music, but they were good.

But cool, I was just asking about the gnostic gospels because we found a cool talk that made some comparisons between those and the scriptures and we wanted to compare. Purely out of Elder Jernigan's and my nerdy aspirations to know as many weird gospel facts as we can. But I guess we can wait. I'll send you my comprehensive list of books i want next week, and then my homecoming present can be a huge library of books that will help me not adjust to real life and be one of those guys that never moves on after their mission. Because that will TOTALLY be me.

But yeah, this week:

Taught a guy named Curry Powder. Turned out to be crazy and tried to get his 7th Day dad to Bible Bash us. That was funny. No one can argue against the Book of Mormon.

Went to Negril on a trade off, that was pretty fun. I miss biking. Got fed twice which was great.

Some guy walked up to me on the street and asked if I believed in speaking in tongues, and I said, "kind of, yeah" And he began to speak at me in tongues, which was a load of garbage. But it was funny.

Elder Campbell got ET'd (emergency transferred) to serve with us for 2 weeks because he hurt his knee, so he gets to be in a tri with us which is way fun.

I went to a 4 hour branch council meeting on self reliance the other day. That was not as fun.

Most of this week has been teaching, which was nice. Lots of driving as well. The area was pretty low when I first got here, but it's still steadily growing which is great!  

My study plan to finish the standard works by next July is on course. I've almost re-memorized like, 50 scriptures, so that's going well. I've been studying a lot on revelation lately but I've got nothing conclusive to report.

Cool, I hope everything goes well this week!

I miss you all

Elder Zeck

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