Thursday, May 28, 2015

Transfer News - Montego Bay

This week's been good. The fifth week of the transfer seems slow every time, like waiting for Christmas. I just want to know who's going where! This transfer call was pretty good. I'm going to Montego bay to serve with Elder Jernigan, and Elder Palmer is getting Elder Hunt. So my father, is going to mother (second companion) my son, which would then make Elder Palmer my brother. It's all kinda confusing. But it's neat that Elder Palmer gets to kill off his mother/grandfather. Otherwise nothing special. It just means that it will take even longer to get mail.

We had 6 meal appointments this week! All good.

Had my last lesson with Kevon yesterday, he was pretty upset I was leaving. I bore testimony in sacrament meeting 'cause I was leaving, and he walked in right after. He was kinda late. But I told him after church. We got some pictures together though, I actually have pictures to send home this week. Be proud.

Got a good blood blister on my hand. We did a lot of service this week, which is great, because I love doing service! We helped a family who feeds us a lot to chop some yard in their front yard, and we did heavy duty surgery on a bush in their front yard to try and find the roots for some vines that were killing their plants. My hands were pretty sore after. No sun burns though!

We also got invited to a kid's birthday party! It started like an hour late so we had to go, but we came back the next day and got cake and stuff. It's nice knowing less active families like us enough to feed us, but won't come to church... They're way cool though.

This week, although good for teaching, and I feel like we got a lot done, no body came to church. We expected like, 7. Kind of a bummer to finish off my ministry in Spanish Town, but I had a good time. I'm really going to miss Spanish Town. I remember before I came, specifically saying that I never ever wanted to serve here. Now I'm sad to leave! Obviously I'm not that sad because I'll do whatever God wants and if he wants me to leave then I may as well be happy about it. but I'm going to miss this place with it's obscene violence and confusing culture. We were lucky enough to never be directly involved in anything, but people died in our neighbourhood all the time.

Did service again for a family helping them build a house. I pretty much just used a pick axe to dig up dirt for 3 hours. I just remembered that one awful summer I had to dig out the posts from the old deck. I always felt pretty manly though when I was using a pick axe.

I think we're going to the craft market today to look for stuff. I wanna send some stuff home. I have no idea how... What's our address again? I gotta write that down?

I think that's all the stuff that happened that I'm going to tell you. we taught some good lessons. Nothing super spiritual unfortunately. I just feel like we're teaching a TON of people, but no one really takes it all seriously. Being a missionary is just spending two years being no body's favorite person. And being really sweaty all the time. But I like it a lot I guess. I really do love it, which is weird. We'll see how Mobay goes. I hear a lot of cruise ships dock there so I'll probably see a lot of white people.

Elder Zeck

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