Thursday, May 28, 2015


I can't remember what I told you so I can't confidently say what I left out. But I'm pretty sure I told you everything important. I was hoping I'd be training again because Prez told me I'd train again in my last interview. But whatever. I have no aspirations and no preconceptions other than that I'll work hard wherever I go!

MoBay is great, saw white people. In church actually, which was cool, i couldn't say hi because I had to help out all the investigators at church. Our area has a little ghetto but it's mostly just big hills with nice houses. The area isn't bad, it needs a lot of rebuilding as of now. The missionaries here before were in a tri-panionship so a couple areas got neglected naturally. So I get to help with that. We found like, 10 new people to teach my first day so I'm hoping a few of them have good potential. The branch here is awesome! The members are super friendly, it's a functional branch, they love the work, they're all pretty funny. I'm gonna like it here. But the meal appointments are low here, so I'll have to work my magic in that field. We had an investigator at church too! Her name's Lisa, she's pretty new, but I Think she had a really good experience so hopefully she'll be on date this week! The area is super confusing and I'm having a hard time learning it, but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually. I have to.. Lots of tourists, people aren't as blown away by the presence of white people.

The teaching pool is like, 3 people, but I think by the end of the week we should have it up to closer to 7 or 8. We've seen probably close to 5 people that I could see being baptized within the next 3 months if they play their cards right, so we'll see. Elder Jernigan is cool. From Arizona, super smart, super funny, it's going to be a fun companionship! I'm excited to teach with him, we get along great and we think pretty similarly so we get to have some good conversations. I'm serving around Elder Peters who I know, he's training Elder Smith, who's awesome. Then there's some sisters here. It's weird working around sisters. After serving in Spanish Town with only Elders, it's like they're a bunch of aliens. But I'll deal with it. 

My hair is great, I started putting gel in it again because it's that long now. I need the sides trimmed but other wise, it's coming back. Thankfully. No balding or nothing. 

My bike is here. I fixed it up, still gets used every day. It's currently got a flat but I'll fix that later. Needs new lights too, and a reflector. 

I bought some present type stuff for everyone, which you probably won't see until I get home.

But, we got to do a lot of service before I left Spanish Town. I love doing service. We helped till a members farm with some shovels and dug up weeds with machetes, then we got some chocolate tea. Then right after we went to another members house and helped build the foundation for their house. That was fun. 

Transfers was fun as always. It was a nice long drive through Negril to Montego Bay, but we made it before bed time. Rained a lot.

Had a neat little experience the other day where it was my first day, so I haven't met anyone or done anything. I guess we usually send out a nightly scripture text to the members and the people we teach, so Elder Jernigan asked me to send one. So I pondered for a moment and decided to send 2 Nephi 2. Funny enough, one of our investigators was committed to read 2 Nephi 2 this week, we were seeing her the next day, and Elder Jernigan had forgotten to remind her. So that was cool.

Met a guy who's totally a member of the Illuminati. Or some stupid off shoot.

Did a lot of finding

Got fed 3 times on accident! Good day that was.

Other wise, not much else. Elder Jernigan got way sick so we had to stay in for a bit so I got like, 10 hours of extra study time which was awesome. I'm almost done the Book of Mormon again and I'm almost done reading Jesus the Christ. Good books.

I hope everything at home is going good! I don't think I have any new pictures this week. I just never think of taking pictures. But cool.

Elder Zeck

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