Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Productive Week / More Bike Adventures


Hey, you should totally send me a CD with that one song i wrote, that's probably on my laptop called "Scared of The Dark" Because I realized that was the only Jesus song I ever wrote. So I could totally listen to it. Or some piano guys or something. I don't know.

I got your package, thanks! didn't get grandmas yet. The jerky is awesome, I'll probably make those cupcakes. Depends on how much more gas we have for the stove.

So I was riding out of the church on Wednesday and my back tire exploded so I had to replace both tubes, and my right gear shifter exploded somehow so I just went to the shop and replaced all that. Then I got home and my front tire already had a puncture in it. i dug the staple out of the tread, then this morning I found a puncture in my back tire... Other wise the last guy who fixed my bike finally did it right, and my centre axle isn't coming loose! So that's exciting, I can finally use all my gears. So that's great. my tires are getting kinda wobbly though. That'll be fixed in a couple weeks. Still need to buy a new front tire reflector and a front light, but I'll get that done.

We had zone meeting this week, talked a lot about revelation and the importance of Church attendance in conversion. Lots of good stuff.

got fed jerk chicken by a member's son yesterday, that was great!

People who don't get baptized because they don't know everything don't understand the Holy Ghost, or Faith. Those are the hardest kinda people to teach. I've been in this church for my whole life and I barely know anything.

I cut another Elder's hair. That was weird. I thought I did a pretty good job considering the only size clippers he had was a 4 and a 2. So nothing could be longer than a half inch. Doesn't look half bad though, then he cut my hair, not as good. I'm going to stop letting white guys cut my hair in this country.

had interviews with Pres, that's always great. Talked a lot about my work and area and stuff.

We've been out of Book of Mormons and restoration pamphlets all week, it's really awful. But it's been a good week. Best week in a while! We didn't feel like it was as busy as most, but we had good lessons, and we taught more than usual. it was a good week over all. I've been studying a lot on how i can better plan for the conversion of those that I teach, and I've realized there is a lot that we need to do, but for those who are willing to learn, it's not all that complicated. it's a matter of explaining our purpose properly. If we explain our purpose well, then we will know instantly if these people will progress, or if they will just float around and not do anything. Most people float around and don't do anything. But when we meet those people who are sincere, that's when all the cool stuff happens.

Not much to tell this week. Saw some baby pit bulls. I love pit bulls.

Hope all is well at home. Still not sure how Skype will work. I think a member is going to bring a laptop to church for us, and I think I'll probably be Skyping around 3 or 3:30 our time, I don't know what time that is for you though. Elder Palmer has to Skype during church to catch his family, so he should be done by 2:30, but I don't really know. I'd just say be on standby between 2:00 my time and 4 my time. What time do you need to have it done by? I can't remember the time change.

Cool, I'll talk to you all on Sunday!

Elder Zeck

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