Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day After Our Mother's Day Skype

hi, it was fun getting to skype!

This week was pretty good over all. Classic example of opposition, Elder Packer and I were biking down a dirt road to an appointment and we stopped for a second to make a phone call, and while I was doing that, some guys in a truck drove by and started calling us Satan and other nonsense. I yelled at them to come and I waved them over, but they just sped up. Classic.

We were looking for a guy named Ryan, found out his yard name was Shadow. I just thought it was funny because the whole time all I could think was "Where oh where oh where is shadow." Like from Bear in the Big blue house... We found him though! We caused a scene because of it, because we had like, 12 people yelling his name and looking for him. We found out we interrupted his FIFA game. whoops. Not sorry

This week I did some thinking, and I realized that I've been teaching people the Book of Mormon wrong! whoops. I've never thought to include in our teaching, to show them how to study. I counselled with some other Elders and it's not really something anyone does. We tell them they need to read and pray and whatever, but I've never done like, a mock study before with them, and I thought it would be good to do it! We tried and I think we did really really well! I think this applies pretty well to all people, this is something I plan on taking home. But...

1. Secure a reverent and revelation-welcoming environment (as much as possible)
2. Pray for understanding and focus
3. Read
4. Ponder
     1. Recount what you read
     2. Write down or think about what you don't understand
     3. Identify the significance of the scriptures read
     4. Liken it and apply it to yourself
5. End with a prayer asking for strength to apply, and continued learning
6. Continue to ponder through the day, especially things you still don't understand

I don't know, I thought it was pretty genius. I've had the chance to teach it 3 or 4 times now and I've found it makes for a really meaningful lesson. I consider this procedure a touch of personal revelation. I've learned a lot in these past 10 months I guess.

Ate a lot of cheese cake. Whoops.

Did some service for a family in the ward. Helped them build a house, we're going back this Wednesday again, it was a lot of fun! People always look at the white people helping out and they look at us funny. I love it when I say hi, and they stare at me like I'm a freak of nature and don't say hi back. That's probably the most fulfilling part of the work... But I do like it.

Played football with some Jamaican youths. Didn't get destroyed, actually got the ball for a bit. Then I got sun burned...

then in church I was used as a visual example and Bishop Lauton made me act out the repentance process for stealing some one's pen.

All in all it was a really good week. Best teaching week for a long time, not much craziness happening. I did a trade off pretty much every day this week so Elder Palmer could get more practice leading the area when I leave. He's going to do just fine when I leave, he's picked up missionary work really easily. Better than I did anyway.

cool, well hope the week is good, tell everyone I love and miss them!

Elder Zeck

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