Monday, April 13, 2015

Last Six Weeks of Training - Spanish Town


I've received no packages as of yet.

I found a guy this week who would cut my hair for free. Never cut white man hair before, so.. I'm putting a lot of faith in this guy. His name is Wright, he also offered us mangoes off his tree, so I trust him. We were riding through this nicer ghetto part of our area and I saw him cutting hair and I just asked if he would. We'll see later today!

I was thinking about some things that you could send. Some contact solution, some compound W would be nice. I want a banana bread recipe, I want to make something for the families that feed us every week, we're going over on Saturday to help one of the families plant a garden. They feed us every Sunday, and it's totally worth the 15 minute up hill bike ride from our house! So that'll be fun. Hopefully this week too we're going to help our bishop paint his new house, and another church sister chop her yard. I just sharpened my machete so I'm glad I'll get to use it again! A recipe for like, snicker doodles would be cool too.

I'm going to the bike shop later today to get my bicycle fixed. i need to replace the front gears, the chain probably, maybe the centre axle, possibly a set of brakes, and a tire, so hopefully the guy will be a homie and continue to give us a good price for going to him all the time. Lots of punctures this week, but I think I finally fixed it!

Week was good though! Kevon's baptism is this Saturday, had a really good lesson on missions and temples with him, he's super excited to prepare for his mission. I'm nervous for him though, i shouldn't be. it's just my worst fear to baptize someone and then have them fall away, that'd be depressing. But Kevon is awesome, he'll be fine.. His interview was yesterday though and he's on his way!

We have another investigator we've been working with for a while, and we were actually going to drop him last week, because he simply was not acting or progressing in the slightest. Randomly last week, before conference, we get to the lesson and he says that he's on the 8th chapter of 1 Nephi, and he had questions! he's been reading pretty steadily since. There was a really cool moment in the last couple lessons as we talked about him praying and finding answers, and we asked if he had felt he had received an answer. He seemed pretty unsure, so we asked how he feels when he prays. He thought about it for a moment and said he often, after he reads, says a prayer asking for truth, and the past few times, he described his feeling like a tingling in his spine, and he would feel really calm and good after. We made it clear to him what that was, and I think that's helped strengthened him a lot. When I asked him why he reads the book of Mormon every day, I expected him to say to find some kind of truth, but instead, he said he was reading because he wanted it to give him the confidence to tell his 7th Day Church of God family that he had found something better. It was just a really powerful experience, I'm glad we didn't drop him.

I've often found that the moments where Faith is the most difficult to keep, is when the blessings are right around the corner. We're teaching a lady who's struggled finding work for 7 months, and she's pretty in debt with rent. She expressed that she had lost a lot of faith because she would pray, and God doesn't deliver. I immediately remembered the Story found in Ether 2 and 3, and we read it together. She really liked it, and i think it's going to be good for her. Essentially we talked about how the Brother of Jared needed to not only ask God for help, but he needed to ponder out the situation, and bring something to the table himself. So The Brother of Jared had to bring stones to the Lord to touch and make shine, we had a good discussion about how she could bring stones to the Lord, and how he could help her get out of her situation. it was great. Good lesson.

Our weeks are getting better. Easter demolished our numbers, but we're working with about 60 people right now, slowly weeding through, finding the 4 or 5 that are serious. hopefully big things will happen after I leave! I really want to set up this area to become something that Elder Palmer can work with when I leave. From the day I got here I felt that I was just here to rebuild, and I know I could've worked harder, something I'm still working on, but i can feel pretty good saying that the area is a lot better now than it was 12 weeks ago. We have 3 or 4 people who could be baptized before Elder Palmer leaves, and another 5 or so that could be baptized shortly after. it's all exciting!

Obama came to Jamaica this week, so that was a thing. people would yell at us and tell us our boss is in the country. Little do they know I'm from a much holier land.

Saw a bunch of Elders go home this week, that was cool. That'll never happen to me! one of them is Elder Prete, from Fort McLeod or something. 

I forgot my planner so I don't know what else to write. I cut my finger open, but it's healing pretty good. Stuff's good. I've lost like, 4 more pounds, so that's a thing.

Elder Zeck

MTC Buddies - Zeck, Kuehn, Maxwell
Spanish Town District

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