Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference Weekend and Transfer News


Conference was great, nothing was really crazy revelation for me, but I thought Linda K Burton gave a good talk, and so did Anderson. I liked Elder Packer's too. I'm just looking forward to re-reading them when we get our Liahona or Ensign.

Yeah if it's church music, should be good, but I can't listen to things on computers in this country for some reason... So... I don't really know. Maybe on a CD? or something.

I'm fine for clothes, just white shirts and ties are always nice to have in excess. I haven't broken out the shirts you sent at Christmas yet though, I want to wait a few more months, I've lost like 15 pounds since I got Spanish Town and I'm shooting for 10 more in the next transfer so I'll back down to where I was when I got to Jamaica.

The drink crystals are good, Nutella is gone too fast, but I appreciate pretty much anything. The more Beef Jerky the better! And Contact lens solution. Send sheet music too if you feel so inclined. Being with musical missionaries who have guitars and stuff, sometimes it's fun to have something to experiment with. It also seems like I'm probably going to end up assisting with musical numbers for the rest of my mission. Especially once all the real talent is gone and they have to resort to me!

You should tell Haley that I want her to fly to Jamaica every month to cut my hair, because no one out here is capable of doing a good job on white people hair. At least no one I've met. I'll probably just get Elder Phippen to cut it. (Haley is our Hair Stylist)

No pics sorry, this computer's USB ports are taken up by the keyboard and the mouse, it's a really ghetto computer. What do you want pictures of exactly? I haven't really had anything worth taking pictures of lately, but maybe that's just because I'm living it.

This week was good though! Transfer calls were the other day. they're calling in someone else to finish Palmer's training and I'm going AP!

Just kidding.

I'm still here for a transfer so I can finish Palmer's training, I really hope I do one more transfer after that. But our district is staying the same. One of the area's in the other district is shutting down and being split up between other Elders, so their district is now being absorbed into mine, so I now I have to lead a super district. It's only 4 companionships I guess. Just means I have to do way more trade offs! But I like being a district leader. I would gladly train and be a district leader my whole mission! I fixed my tire but it's still leaking. We'll see if I can patch it again today. Didn't cook much this week. Tried some dumpling, it was easy. I don't like it though. Too doughy. I might do rice and peas tonight or something. I'm trying to lose a little more weight so I gotta be careful about the oily foods I cook and stuff. Probably just do white rice and mackerel for most the week.

The week has been good though! one of our investigators should be baptized on the 18th. He's been to church like, 8 or 9 weeks in a row, and he loves what he's found. We're really excited for him, he could even serve a mission while I'm still here! Which would be great. The closer it gets to his baptism though the more anxious I get. I just really hope he's ready. but I've got faith in him, he's got some good support from the ward. His dad doesn't like us. Thinks we're CIA collecting information, so that took some heart softening. Everyone thinks we're CIA though, so it doesn't really surprise me.

This week we've come to the point with a few people we teach where it's become frustrating. They aren't progressing, they claim they want to, but they don't back that up with any evidence of change, they don't come to church, or read. It's confusing and frustrating. Very frustrating. I feel like a parent trying to a raise a stupid kid that won't do what they ought to do. I feel like I'm teaching what I'm sure I would've been like if I were an investigator. If I've learned anything from my mission, it's how to raise a kid. Because I feel like a lot of the stuff I have to do out here directly applies. Except for like, the raising them part. Maybe I'm just better at dealing with people who frequently don't do what I ask. Love 'em though, always love 'em.

Cool, well hey, I hope everything back home is good! Anyone playing my guitars or the drums? Anything else going on with people? I'm at a point in my mission where when I think of going home I start to get sea sick...

Elder Zeck

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