Monday, April 27, 2015

Bike Issues Never End!!!!!!

Our jack fruit. So good, and huge!
This thing weighed like 15 pounds.
My huge head doesn't even compare

Elder Palmer doing some service. Digging a hole to hold up the fence
Hey mom

The week's been okay. Pretty slow, but we've been busy. Just not teaching, which is too bad. We have a ton of names we're working with but none of them are really that interested so we're going to start pulling a lot of plugs. Which is something I got really good at in Portmore unfortunately so I suppose this is just what I do. Got the weights, which are great! I'm trying to lose another 10 pounds before the end of May, because then I'll be a little less fat than I was before I went to the MTC. I definitely feel better when I get that exercise, I haven't been quite as tired, and I feel more productive in the mornings. I convinced Elder Palmer to get some too, like the great father I am!

I don't really view myself as the kind of person who gets stressed or upset. But my bicycle is going to be the cause of homicidal fit if it keeps behaving the way it is. I got it fixed again last week, so now it can't have kids... Just kidding, I thought I that was funny.. But I did get it fixed, and the guy said he was going to fix it and it would never come lose again, my center crank that is. Later that day it came loose, and now the gear teeth are eating away at my bike frame, so I performed some minor impromptu surgery at home and I'm taking it back to him today and telling him he broke my bicycle and I'll politely ask him to fix it for free. We'll see how that goes. Both tires have perpetual leaks now too so I bought one new tube and put it in, I'll have to get another new tube sometime this week for the other tire. It's an old bike so I'm not really surprised at that part. Then I hit a pot hole really hard one night racing home after a dinner appointment and my light flew off and exploded, so that's out of commission, and then my handle bars bent. I fixed the handles though. So I still need a new light. I'm good for money though, I just pulled some extra out today because I left my money at home, just in case i need to pay for my repairs. My bicycle...

I think a package is in the office, I'll probably get it on Wednesday and zone meeting.

The work was good, did some street contacting, had some good faith building experiences. Met some great families, which is awesome. Families are great. Didn't teach much this week, had some good impromptu lessons. This week was really hot though, I didn't like it, I've been damp all week long. I've never been more grateful for the fact that our house doesn't have warm water. Sometimes our water gets warm, and I hate it. Cold showers are the best.

We did find the coolest cook shop I've ever seen! They make tacos. Some guy who worked at Tony Romas in Florida and then got deported or something for domestic violence. But he's a fantastic cook! And he serves cake and ice cream! Which is awesome. That was definitely a high light, he's great. He's a homie too, he gives us a ton of food, and usually gives us a discount, probably because he knows we have money and we'll be back, but I respect the business ethic.

I saw Elder Koegler last week randomly in Kingston

We went to another church on Monday, called the Bethel church of something or other. It was fun. The music was awesome, we got two welcomes from the speakers with applause, and I really liked it. Didn't feel the spirit, but I definitely felt good! Great music, like going to a gospel concert. I didn't learn anything, and I don't feel any closer to Christ, and there was nothing presented that would teach me to come closer to Christ. But it was loud and exciting! I can definitely see why people like this stuff.

Broke up a fight between some idiot kids trying to kill each other with rocks. Felt good to be an adult.

Helped Bishop clean up his yard and burned a ton of crap in his yard.

Taught district meeting on the Book of Mormon, and it's importance for us in our work specifically, how we should be able to answer pretty much all questions using revelation and the Book of Mormon. Did some practicing on how to teach out of it, how to clearly show that it's main purpose and function is to bring people closer to Christ. All other things are secondary. I think Ezra Taft Benson said that. But it was good, I like the whole district leader thing, teaching lessons and stuff. I learn a lot, and I get a chance to try and help other missionaries, most of which are better or more experienced than I am. It's all good though.

That's pretty much my week, the transfers half over. I hope everything at home goes well this week! I should send some pictures today

Elder Zeck

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