Monday, April 20, 2015

Baptism, Bikes, Super District

I bought some weights. I figure I'll use them throughout my mission, Help me not get fat again, and I can sell them to some Elder at the end of my mission, and use that money to buy souvenirs or something. I actually think it's a great idea! Because I've been losing a lot of weight, and I figure if I'm exercising properly it'll help my energy levels come up, because I'm at a point where biking doesn't do much anymore, and I don't want to run...

No hair cut yet, hopefully today, or next week. I sweet talked some guy to do it for free, so we'll see how that goes. We're going to Kingston today so we'll see if I have time. I need it, my hair's getting long on the sides. I'll send pictures later.

Yeah, so one area was dissolved into other missionaries' areas. Not much really changed though. The super district is fun, I get to have my zone leaders in my district which is kinda cool, but it just means I teach 2-4 more Elders every week at district meeting and it also means I have to make more phone calls. But I like it.

The bike is fine but I need to replace the front gears now, they're pretty warped, which they have been for a long time, but they get progressively worse. Every time I switch gears they bend more, so I try not to switch gears very often. Otherwise, bike's good. I also have a tube that doesn't stop leaking, and I've patched it like, 7 times, so we will see about that one.

Halls got transferred to downtown Kingston. They're still in the office.

Kevon's baptism was this weekend! That was a pretty awesome experience. Not many people showed up which was pretty lame. But it was a really cool day. Had to come early to clean and set up. Brother Harrison performed the ordinance, Kevon asked Elder Palmer to give a talk on baptism, and Seejay, a youth in the ward, to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, they all did a great job. The spirit was 100 percent present, and I think Kevon had a pretty good time. We didn't have any baptismal suits at the church... Which I thought was ridiculous, luckily though, Brother Harrison had white pants and a white shirt, and I just let Kevon wear my white pants and shirt. It all went off really well! It's always good to plant seeds, but reaping every now and then is a nice change. He's already planning on serving a mission, and I think he's receiving the priesthood next week! He was confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday, which he asked Elder Palmer and I to stand in. The ward mission leader did the confirming. It was funny though, because he's always eager to share the gospel, he really really wants to be a missionary. He actually found a girl he'd never seen at church the 3 months he's been coming, and started asking her how church was, and he was bearing testimony and answering questions. We just watched from afar, we were afraid to go over and interrupt. But yeah, that was just a really amazing experience.

We had another investigator at the service and when the baptism started happening, he pulled out his phone to take pictures. We kind of panicked and told him to stop. I thought it was funny anyway.

We chopped down trees with machetes for service again this week. This time though there was this random guy that came up to us and stared at us while we were chopping. it was pretty creepy. I asked him how he was doing, then I asked where he lived. He said he couldn't remember. Then I asked him his name, said he couldn't remember... So we named him Choppy and got pictures with him! I'll send those too. I was up in a tree at the time, but he just watched us without saying a word for like, a half hour.

Taught district meeting on the power and influence of the Holy Ghost and how we can better teach people how to recognize it. I thought it was pretty good. I learned a lot, so I call it a success.

Broke up a fight between a bunch of dumb kids. They were hucking big rocks at each other, and being a bunch of idiots. Felt good to be an adult there.

Other wise, this week was pretty good, it was really busy, although I feel like we didn't teach much. Had 6 meal appointments, which was nice. I've been eating pumpkin rice for days now because I made a big pot of it last week. I got pretty tired of it pretty quick though.

I'm still not sure on the details for Mother's Day. I just know it's on a Sunday, and church ends at 2:30. So we'll see how that goes.

Sounds like things are good at home though! Hope everything goes well. I actually have pics so I'll send that eventually.

Elder Zeck

This is me climbing a tree to cut sticks

This is me with Choppy. Random guy.

the baptism

Guy on the right is Seejay, gave a good talk on the Holy Ghost. He's serving a mission soon! Ever since he got called to teach primary I don't see him, but he's pretty cool

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