Monday, March 30, 2015

Zone Conference and Making Brownies

Zone Conference - Kingston Zone and Spanish Town Zone

The Canadian Missionaries of Kingston and Spanish Town

Week was good for the most part. Meetings and stuff, taught a good amount which was nice. Went by quick! Yeah I mailed the form back a couple weeks ago, I just signed it, I didn't date it.

Zone Conference was good, I learned a lot about some stuff that I don't really remember. The only thing I remember learning was something that they didn't actually teach. Elder Martinez teaches fairly simply, I think because he wants most of the learning to come from what the Spirit brings to us, not necessarily what he is teaching, and I think it worked. I learned a lot about receiving revelation, even though he was teaching about the worth of souls or something. I found revelation works in a cycle, where first you show obedience to the light that you've received, then that obedience will entitle you to further revelation to add upon what you already have, then that revelation will become knew knowledge or light, then you exercise faith on the light that you have in the form of more obedience, and so on. It was interesting. But a different spin on how I learn things. Elder Martinez didn't teach it, but that's what I got out of the meeting. Something we need to teach our investigators more I guess.

My hair's growing but I look like a q-tip, I gotta get the sides trimmed. Singing went well. Harmonies were harmonious. We sang hymn 100. I can't remember what that is anymore for some reason...

I Need The Every Hour? we sing verses 1 2 and 5.

Also learned this week that fasting without a fast offering is the equivalent to starving, that was a good thought.

Training is 12 weeks so I'll stay here, then I'll leave just after Mothers Day I think. Good Friday will be the same, EasterMonday will be the same. I think the ward is having a cook out or something so we might go to that.

Bike's good, just some flats this week, I ran over a glass bottle I think, I haven't bothered patching it yet though. Also, my gears are bent now so I can't switch gears, which just means I'm really slow now. Other wise it's fine, helmet's good.

But cool, this week was good. Our neighbour has a farm so she gave me a ton of stuff like pumpkin, tomato, onions, pop chow, kaliloo, and other stuff, so I made a huge pot of pumpkin rice and stir fry type veggie stuff for all the Elders in the house. So that was cool, we didn't have butter though, that would've made the rice WAY better! Made those Nutella brownies too, wasn't thinking and accidentally used protein powder instead of flour, so they became very very expensive brownies, but they still tasted good!

We get asked this a lot, but this week we probably got it like, 5 times, because we've been inviting people to Conference and people usually think the opportunity to listen to a modern day prophet is a neat experience, and pretty much every time they get all uncomfortable because they want to come, but they always ask in some stuttered way or form, if they'll be the only "person like them" there. Then we tell them that we are the only white people and their minds are blown! The church has a weird look to the outside, every one calls us a white man church, I always think that's funny. We also were told a few times this week that we worship Joseph Smith, we cleared that up pretty quick.

I feel like conference was just yesterday, weird it's up again already.

A young man we've been teaching, his baptismal interview is this weekend! should be baptized next week, which is cool. He's latched onto the gospel so quickly and fully, I just hope it doesn't start to die out as he goes back to school and everything, he's been fellowshipped really well but he's a pretty introverted guy so I'm still kinda worried that he might fade away. But at the same time, he's so solid and loves this church so much, It's just really exciting. So many people blow off this message, and they don't even give it a chance. It takes a little bit of work, and I think that scares people sometimes. Even members have to do it though, I think that's something we take for granted growing up in the church. We're baptized at 8 and don't understand anything. Then we coast along until something shakes the boat a bit and suddenly we don't know what to do! These converts aren't allowed to be baptized until they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, I would never let someone be baptized until they've received a spiritual witness. It's something the mission pushes very hard on the missionaries, facilitating conversion. It's cool to watch, I wish I had started on my own conversion from an earlier age, but I didn't understand. We talk a lot about how you can't convert someone past your own conversion, not that we "the missionaries" convert anyone. But the Spirit felt is dependent on the people bringing it in.

We've got probably 5 people getting closer to baptism, but we'll see how that goes.

Power went out so I'm a little behind today, hope the week goes well for everyone! Weird to think I have my six months to sexy marked on my calendar back home! It's going by all too fast! Nothing too crazy this week. Just the usual. I recorded our neighbour lady screaming.. I mean praying.. It's pretty hilarious, but she obviously loves God.. Or Jesus? I couldn't tell who she was praying too. I always think it's funny when people ask God to cover them under his blood, because that doesn't make any sense!

I'm also 200 pages into Jesus The Christ, that book is pretty awesome.

If I made goat brain soup when I get home will you all eat it?

Elder Zeck

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